How to Add Shortcut to Google Chrome Homepage

Do you find typing web addresses boring? Learn how to add shortcuts to the Google Chrome homepage and keep your favorite websites just a click away!

We all have websites that we tend to visit far too frequently, and the difficulty of typing the website address over and over again is more boring than exhausting.

Fortunately, Google Chrome gives you the option to add a shortcut for your frequently visited websites to the Chrome home page for easy access.

If you’ve typed your favorite website address on your home computer or mobile phone, it’s high time you learned how to add the corresponding shortcut in Chrome instead.

Add a shortcut to the Google Chrome home page on the desktop

Google Chrome allows you to have shortcuts on the home page in two ways. First of all, you can either organize yourself and add the shortcuts to the specific websites you want, or Google Chrome will organize a list based on the number of your website visits. Let’s explore both options here.

First, launch Google Chrome on your Windows or macOS device from the taskbar or your respective docking station on your device.

Then, from the Google Chrome home page, click on the “Customize Chrome” option located in the lower right corner of the screen.

After that, head to the “Shortcuts” tab present in the left section of the overlay pane.

Now, to organize your website shortcuts yourself, click on the “My shortcuts” tab, otherwise to let Chrome organize the list for you, click on the “Most visited sites” option.

Once you have chosen your preferred option, click on the “Done” button in the lower right corner of the overlay pane.

If you have chosen the option “Most visited sites”, your list will be automatically filled by Google Chrome. If you have chosen the auto-curate option to add shortcuts in Google Chrome, you will be able to see an empty shortcut tile on the Google Chrome home page.

To note: Currently, Google Chrome only supports a maximum of 10 of these website shortcuts on the home page.

To add shortcuts manually, click on the “Add a shortcut” thumbnail on the Google Chrome home page.

After that, give the shortcut you want to create an appropriate name and then type the URL or paste the URL in the space provided by copying it from the address bar of another tab.

Then click on the “Done” button in the lower right corner of the pane to add the website to your Google Chrome home page shortcut.

Change the shortcuts on the Google Chrome home page on the desktop

Since there is only a limited number of shortcuts that you can have on the Google Chrome homepage, there may be times when you no longer need a created shortcut and want to replace it with one. shortcut for another website.

To do this, click on the kebab menu (three vertical dots) from the existing shortcut tile.

Next, click on the “Edit Shortcut” option from the overlay menu.

Now change the name of the shortcut and enter the new URL of the website where you want to replace the shortcut.

Once all the details have been entered, click on the “Done” button in the lower right corner of the overlay pane.

After clicking the “Done” button, you will be able to see and use the now modified shortcut on the Google Chrome home page.

Adding shortcuts to the Chrome homepage on mobile

Shortcuts for websites on mobile devices behave a little differently from shortcuts on the desktop. Where you had the option to create the shortcuts for specific websites yourself, the option is mysteriously not present on the mobile device.

This essentially means that the only way to have shortcuts on your mobile devices is to let Chrome organize them for you based on how often you visit websites.

Another thing to add to manual shortcut control is that you can only have 8 of these shortcuts on mobile devices instead of 10 compared to desktop devices.

However, to bring some relief to this bizarre situation, Google provides a shortcut folder, namely “Top sites” containing a majority of shortcuts to websites belonging to categories such as “Social”, “Entertainment”, “Games” “,” Sports “. , ‘News’, ‘Shopping’, ‘Banks’, ‘Travel’, ‘Education’, even ‘Jobs’.

While the “Top Sites” folder shortcut does not seem as practical as the self-organized website shortcuts, but strictly from a “shortcut” perspective, it is a decent enough addition to meet the needs. users.

Remove Chrome Home Page Shortcuts on Mobile

Now you might not be able to add “shortcuts” manually, but you can certainly remove them manually if you ever feel the need to.

To do this, first launch Google Chrome on your Android or iOS mobile device.

Next, long press the shortcut on the Chrome homepage. Then tap on the ‘Delete’ option present in the list.

Once deleted, another website shortcut based on your number of visits will automatically be added to the shortcut group on the home page.