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MSI Live Update is known as a powerful tool to provide you with an easy way to update your BIOS, firmware, drivers and certainly your computer. To install this application, you must ensure that your computer has an MSI motherboard. In this case, it is important to keep your motherboard and graphics card drivers up to date in order to make the version work well without any problems.

MSI Live Update
MSI Live Update

MSI Live Update Features

Now that you have come to know a brief description of the application, check out the more complete information about MSI Live Update as follows:

Tab-based interface

This app actually has a tab based interface which is very simple and well organized. This feature allows you to easily access all the features included in the app. However, this is quite inappropriate for beginners, although many users say that it is easy to use or use. This is because you could permanently damage your computer if you don’t know what you are doing with this application. Thus, it is suggested that you’d better not update your MSI hardware devices without enough knowledge about it.

Ability to view system information

MSI Live Update is able to display your computer’s system information, such as operating system, graphics card, motherboard type, BIOS version and last scan date, as well as the total number obsolete items. It’s good enough for your information on your computer.

Latest Version of MSI Live Update
Latest Version of MSI Live Update

Ability to run analysis

Another feature you must check out from this app is the ability to run the scan. There are usually two scanning options. The first one is auto mode which is able to instruct the program so that you can check the item including drivers, BIOS and utility. The second scanning option is manual mode which allows you to select the exact items you want to place.

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It doesn’t matter which scanning option you use. As long as you’re sure you can do it right, it’s done well too.

Ability to analyze the scan result

After the scan, it is enough to know the result and analyze it, right? In this case, MSI Live Update allows you to view the results in a table including installed items, installed versions, access item information, and download items.

Along with this feature, you will also be able to set reminders so that you don’t forget to update the scans periodically. You can also set the time and date, appearance of the pop-up window, and start as well as cancel the new scan.


In conclusion, MSI Live Update proves to show you its handy tools to locate and install updates for your BIOS, firmware and drivers on the motherboard. So why don’t you try using it now for your computer?

Download the latest version of MSI Live Update