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If you are looking for a creative multi-effect sequencer, Effectrix might be the right option to consider. Since enjoying music also requires improvement, you will be served by the presence of Effectrix which can do a lot with your music enjoyment. Moreover, if you like to play music in your spare time at work, you can move your finger to search your music and enjoy it with this sequencer.

Effectrix is ​​actually a professional multi-effects sequencer as well as a game changer in the way music is made in a contemporary way. This sequencer is designed with the color blocks throughout the sequencer. It makes your tracks just like fireworks and eye-catching.


Effectrix Features

There are at least 6 things to look for to know why you should think about adopting this to install it on your computer. Read the following:


The first thing you need to know about this app is that it is really fun. The 14 premium effects are designed in such a way to serve you a wide spectrum with the classy standard for splashing. You will be challenged to increase your creativity. You will actually get an outstanding and fast result due to the existence of polished algorithms, careful implementation and seamless workflow.

Creative sound design

The next thing you need to check is that it definitely has a creative sound design. This is the most popular aspect of the product, hence many people say installing Effectrix for their music is the most satisfying thing.

The multi-effects, as well as Effectrix’s nailing effects, have a standard method which is used almost in every sound kitchen.

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Sequential modulation

Sequential modulation is another staple of the app. This feature deals with the 12 different sequences you can store in a single Effectrix preset and reverse. In this case, you can store these sequences via the on-screen control and external MIDI keyboard which are already available.

Effectrix Latest Version
Effectrix Latest Version

direct inspiration

Now the next feature you need to understand is Direct Inspiration. This way you can create your own melodies using “Tonal Delay”. Thus, you can refine your beats, enrich the beats with scratches by delaying the phrases.

On the scene

Due to the fact that Effectrix syncs easily with DAWs or any other DJ software, you can add your Mix-out giving glitchy or stuttering effects on your hardware. So you will have a triggered pattern to display on the scene stream.

Sounds and Preset

Last but not the least feature of Effectrix is ​​sounds and presets. Along with this feature, you will be able to create new beats, reverse parts, implement delay lines, create melodies and stretch others. You can do all of this at the same time.


Finally, we can conclude that installing Effectrix is ​​quite necessary to create such good music on our computer. The multi-effect sequencers that feature this app will really spice up the music. Hope these 6 features described for you will give you inspiration to complete your music app so that you have a great enjoyment of listening to music on your computer.