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Maybe you have never heard of this software. Nevertheless, some users who have been familiar with the software will see that this application is considerable to install on the computer.

The simple way to understand is like this. If you want to provide automatic generation of an application or software to improve the understandability of your software, jGRASP may be the right option to consider. Before going further on this application, let’s find out how this application was created.


Released stably on February 12, 2018, which is only a year ago, jGRASP is designed as a lightweight development environment to bring automatic software visualization to you. It was created by James Cross and Larry Barowski from the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering located at Auburn University.

jGRASP is widely implemented in Java and runs on all platforms including Windows, Linux, MacOS, etc. This software is intended to result from static structure visualizations and source code visualizations. Now you can check out the following explanation of what you can get from this software.

Features of jGRASP


The first benefit you can definitely get from jGRASP is visualization. In this case, you need to know the Control Structure Diagram (CSD). It is a diagram that controls the flow and adapts to the space in the source code. It’s a way to make the source code more readable.

To visualize your software, this jGRASP produces CSDs for C, C++, Java, Objective-C, HDL and Ada. Thus, the CSDs produced by this software are integrated into the source code editing windows. You can actually generate your CSD on demand.

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In addition to visualization, you will be able to use your software easily without any other problems hindering your work with computer programming.

jGRASP Latest version
jGRASP Latest version

The complexity profile graph

The second thing about this software that you can derive is the complexity profile graph known as CPG. This is a complexity diagram on the single instructional level. This diagram is made for the purpose of helping you identify the complex source code area.

Like CSD, CPG is integrated into jGRASP’s editing windows. So the CPG highlight section will also highlight the source code match section. This integration can be done in the other direction.

Generating UML diagrams for Java

jGRASP is also considered capable of generating UML diagrams for Java. What does it mean? Well, it means that interactive functionality can be added to UML diagrams by simply clicking on the edge of the dependency. In a separate pane, this action will allow you to view all dependencies between two classes. As a result, it is quite possible to be referenced and visited.


All in all, you can conclude that jGRASP is good to install on your computer in order to view your software automatically. It deals with how to make your source code more readable so that you can edit your windows that you have installed on your computer.

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