Download Adobe Illustrator CS5 Windows 11 PC

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Download Adobe Illustrator CS5 for Windows and Mac – Adobe Illustrator CS5 is Windows and Mac software you can consider as it offers many vector drawing tools. The tools are best described to perform the best functions for design, web, and video projects.

Adobe Illustrator CS5
Adobe Illustrator CS5

What you need to know about Adobe Illustrator CS5

Adobe Illustrator CS5 has a lot to offer including features and specs. For more details, you will soon be able to consult the following review:

General specifications

Classified as a creativity application, this software is designed to enhance the creativity program as well as graphics and image editing tools. Therefore, this software is very suitable for graphic designers, web designers and designers of video projects. The distribution medium used by the software is DVD-ROM, which means that you can use the DVD-ROM to distribute or transform your medium.

License and compatibility

The Adobe Illustrator CS5 license program is Adobe Open Options CLP with Support as the license type. This software is compatible with Windows and Mac. Meanwhile, additional requirements include a 16-bit graphics card, DVD-ROM, internet connection, and XGA monitor.

Adobe Illustrator Highlights

Each software must have highlighted the positive points offered to the users. Adobe Illustrator CS5 definitely has the highlights. These are the vector drawing tools, advanced typography, gradient and transparencies, and perspective drawing.

The vector drawing tools include all useful tools for design such as pen, pencil, brush and selection tools already available in the software. Advanced typography helps a lot in designing beautiful texts for virtually any type of media supported by character styles.

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Perspective drawing also does a lot to help you draw shapes and scenes with precision, as well as creating the actual look over depth and distance. Meanwhile, Gradient and Transparencies allow you to interact with gradients directly on desired objects and control individual color transparencies.

Adobe Illustrator CS5 latest version
Adobe Illustrator CS5 latest version

Ability to scale any size

The next thing you need to know about Adobe Illustrator CS5 is the ability to scale any graphic design size. Although considered to cause poor quality, this feature actually won’t. Therefore, this feature will allow you to use multiple types of media and create a good result on a computer screen, HDTV or printed in billboard format.

beautiful shots

Another feature you need to know is the beautiful strokes which works to control variable width strokes comprehensively. Additionally, you can also control the arrowheads, dashes, and scaling of the art brush.

Resolution independent effects

The next feature you can optimize from Adobe Illustrator CS5 is resolution-independent effects. This way you can implement raster effects like shadows, blurs, as well as texture. They will maintain a consistent appearance on all media used.


Overall, installing Adobe Illustrator CS5 is necessary to support your work of producing a good vector image. Dealing with improving creativity, this software is very useful for your editing and drawing software.