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Google Chrome browser was originally released in 2008 and it has worked its way to the top. The cross-platform software has been trusted by millions of active users worldwide, making it one of the most widely used web browsers, leaving behind Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Google Chrome
Google Chrome

Even though WebKit was known as the original rendering engine, all Chrome variants now use the Blink engine except iOS. The Chromium-based browser offers faster and safer browsing while pampering users with a minimalist and simple interface.

Features of Google Chrome

Google Chrome has a ton of powerful features to take your browsing experience to the next level. While there is no doubt that the sleek and clean user interface offers ease of use, it has plenty of other things you need to use. See the following list.

1. Synchronization between devices

Chrome syncs your search history, settings, and bookmarks across multiple devices by default. Once your accounts are synced, you don’t need to manually sign in to Google services. This saves you time and promotes convenience when accessing accounts across devices.

What if someone uses your device and needs to use Google Chrome? Of course, you don’t want them accessing your accounts. As an alternative, use guest mode to keep all your information safe. Click on your account icon and choose Guest to start this mode.

2. Smart Omnibox

Enjoy easier and faster research with the omnibox. When you have specific sites in the search engine, this function allows you to search among the sites without accessing them. Go to Settings and manage the search engine by adding the site. This function is available for any site.

You can also do more with the Chrome omnibox. Unlike a regular address bar, it can answer basic questions, perform conversions, and solve math problems before you hit enter. Plus, it lets you translate languages, check the weather, and locate all your files from Google Drive using this versatile bar.

3. Password Verification

Your password is safe with Google Chrome. Thanks to the Password Checker feature that inspects your saved passwords and notifies you if they are breached online. It also has the ability to generate strong passwords for extra protection.

How it works? Once you have visited a site and created an account, Google Chrome browser will provide you with a list of suggested strong passwords. Choose one and your passwords will be saved in the cloud. The next time you need to access it, go to

Google Chrome browser
Google Chrome browser

4. Built-in YouTube controls

Get easier control of YouTube video without opening the tab. This browser has a music note icon that lets you play a video on the platform. Click this icon to check what you are playing. It also has a picture-in-picture mode to pop the video for a better view.

With more control over audio and video playback in the tab, it offers easier management of what’s playing. But if you want to open the YouTube tab, just click on the video title.

5. Customizable Themes

The Chrome browser is packed with a myriad of themes and colors, including dark mode. Protect your eyes and save energy when browsing with dark colors in your homepage, settings, toolbars and other pages. Open Chrome and go to settings to apply this mode.

You can also choose a theme that matches your preferences or mood. Many beautiful themes are available to personalize your browser. Select a theme by category and see how it improves your mood while entering the world of the Internet.

6. Organized Tabs

Google Chrome keeps your tabs organized. Working with many tabs can be daunting, but this browser lets you keep up with them. With the ability to group multiple groups, multitasking is simple with Chrome.

Additionally, you can pin tabs for easier access. Pinned tabs will only automatically open with a single click. Thus, it helps you save time and improve your productivity. It also comes with a quick access to open tab. Press the Command key and a number to open a specific tab. Tab #1 starts from the left.

7. Extensions for more functionality

Not enough with the basic features? Chrome offers a ton of extensions for convenient browsing, such as Google Translate, Google Drive, Google Keep, and more. Once installed, click on extensions and it will take you to the site.

8. Quick Search (Android)

Android versions of Chrome come with Quick Search. If you find a strange word or phrase and want to look up its meaning, long press the word to highlight it. Chrome will automatically generate a drop-down menu. Swipe it up or tap it to visit the web.

If you are using iOS, this action will open a context menu with the Search option. When you scroll down this menu, you can open a web search for more information about the word or phrase.

Google Chrome browser is undoubtedly versatile for increased productivity. User-friendly features integrated into a simple and uncluttered user interface personalize your browsing experience.

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