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Have you used Icecream e-book reader before? If you are one of the active users of the software, you have probably come across the term. However, if this is not the case, do not get yourself in serious confusion since this article will give the information on this subject.

Icecream e-book reader
Icecream e-book reader

The Icecream e-book reader is one of the best EPUB readers that you can use to turn your PC screen into a top notch e-book reader. In other words, it is a tool whose features allow you to read e-books in some popular formats like EPUB, MOBI, FB2, PDF and many more. Along with this tool, you will be able to manage your own digital library on your computer, laptop or tablet PC running Windows.

Features of Icecream eBook Reader

There are several basic features that are very useful to help you work with the computer. Check out the following review:

Reading progress

The first feature offered by Icecream eBook reader is the ability to read progress. This way you can check how many pages are left to read and continue where you left off. It is very efficient to find the desired pages to continue reading the ebook.

book search

Complemented by the book search tool, this reader will allow you to find a book that you search on both by title and by author. It’s the easiest way to find your favorite book you want to read. The book search feature also helps to find the book quickly without any major restrictions.

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Copy, translate and search

The next feature that you can use right after installing the Icecream e-book reader is the ability to copy, translate and search. This feature allows you to choose text from an e-book and copy it, translate it, and search it on Google. This is very flexible to read an e-book with another language.

Icecream Ebook Reader Latest Version
Icecream Ebook Reader Latest Version

Full screen mode

Luckily, Icecream e-book reader also offers a full-screen mode which gives you a comfortable way to read the e-book through the EPUB reader. Full-screen mode will also help not strain your eyes while reading.


Bookmarks in this tool are mainly used to revisit the most memorable parts of the eBook you are reading. If you want to extract a quote from the book, you can optimize this feature to help you.

book mode

Apart from bookmarks, this reader also offers book mode. Well, this feature is very useful to help you turn the whole screen into a real book so that you can get more comfort while you are reading.

Library export and import

Icecream eBook Reader also provides library export and import feature where you can export library to save recent progress. Later, you can import the archive files into the previous library to load the version of the library that is exported.


Finally, you can deduce in your mind that it is necessary to install Icecream eBook reader on your PC or tablet, especially if you like to read e-books.