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Get reliable Wi-Fi hotspot software by installing Connectify on your PC now! What is it actually for? Now, if you know you can turn PCs into Wi-Fi hotspots, you must have figured out that Connectify plays the part. This software is designed to help you change settings and play around with your choice of network by simply turning PCs into hotspots.


This software is very simple and reliable to let you use the software well without any restrictions. There are two types of Connectify. These are the Pro and Max versions and a free version. You can check both versions along with their features in the following review to make sure that this software deserves the top install rank.

Connect features

Free Version

The free version of Connectify comes with all the features you would expect as follows:

  1. Share any connection (except 3G/4G)

This is one of the great features presented by the software to let you share any link through the Wi-Fi connection as well as the Ethernet connection. This feature is very useful to help you easily work with file sharing.

  1. Secure password

The password can be automatically generated by the Connectify software and you can customize the password as you wish.

  1. Data Monitoring

The third feature of the software in the free version is data monitoring. In this case, there will be easy accessibility to find the desired data. This way, you just need to find the client tab in the software and you will soon find the information stored on your connected devices.

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Connect the latest version
Connect the latest version

Pro and Max versions

Different from the free version, the Pro and Max versions come with some features aimed at increasing the connection experience. Here are the features of this version that you can check out.

  1. 3G/4G connections

Since most people now own mobile devices, Connectify provides 3G and 4G connections so you can connect it through Pro and Max. You can do it easily thanks to the support of this software.

  1. Custom Access Point Names

Another improvement that you can optimize in this software is custom access point names. In this case, you can create a unique name for your personal hotspot in this release. Isn’t that great?

  1. Repeater mode

The next feature of Connectify pro and max version is repeater mode. This repeater mode allows your devices to be connected to the real network. It also extends your Wi-Fi range.

  1. Custom IP Unlimited Flings

Then an unlimited custom IP address is also added to the software. This way, you can throw files between devices that are connected to each other. In this case, it is the only software that allows the devices to be connected without an internet connection.


Finally, you can conclude that Connectify is quite necessary to help you share the files and improve your connectivity. The free version and the pro and max version are very good at optimizing the features of each version particularly.