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Do you need to quickly uninstall some programs on your PC? Use the free IObit uninstaller. It is an application designed for Microsoft Windows with the uninstaller utility. In this way, the utility works by extending the way to uninstall programs, toolbar and some browser entries or plugins.

IObit Uninstaller
IObit Uninstaller

Licensed as freeware, IObit Uninstaller Free comes with some features to help you remove intended and leftover programs. This means that you don’t have to worry if you want to remove or delete certain programs on your PC. You can do it easily and quickly by installing this application. This way, you will have more disk space available and your computer will be cleaner and lighter to run.

IObit Uninstaller Features

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Make the PC cleaner and lighter

The first feature which is also the feature of IObit Uninstaller Free is the ability to make the PC cleaner and lighter. It works by freeing up disk space of unused programs, uninstalling apps as well as bundled program.

Thanks to this feature, you are also allowed to uninstall the program in a very easy and quick way. You can certainly do this just by using the desktop icon and open window or system tray icon. Thus, make your PC cleaner and lighter by optimizing this feature.

Speed ​​up the browsing process

The next feature you need to know about as an app capability is faster navigation. This means that this app allows you to browse faster without any significant issues. In this case, you can find and terminate all browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE and Opera whenever you want. You can also do it quickly and safely.

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No files left

IObit Uninstaller Free is very reliable. There will be no leftover files. Thus, you don’t have to worry if you want to remove or uninstall the programs completely and automatically. Even when no uninstaller can do it, IObit Uninstaller Free can. Isn’t that great?

Latest version of IObit uninstaller
Latest version of IObit uninstaller

Just update the app

The next thing to know about this app is the ability to update the app simply. Since updating the app is now quite risky, you should choose an app that can update itself without any risk. This app is proven to be safe to update over 60 critical programs that you need to update.

Moreover, the easy way to update the program becomes the common feature that most users are looking for. That’s why IObit Uninstaller Free is widely used among software users till now.


Finally, you can conclude that the installation of IObit Uninstaller Free on your PC is quite considerable. Out of the four features discussed above, you can be assured that this application is very useful and powerful in helping you manage programs, especially removing and uninstalling them if they are no longer in use. What more to consider? Don’t want to get it soon?

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