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Tablet Mode In Windows 11?

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Windows 10 comes with a feature called tablet mode. Tablet mode, when enabled, makes several minor changes to the user interface to make it easier to use Windows on a touch device. For example, when you use your device with tablet mode turned on, all applications and File Explorer always open maximized.

Windows 11 tablet mode

Is there tablet mode in Windows 11?

Microsoft has removed the Tablet mode from Windows 11. The feature is no longer available in Windows 11. Does this mean that Windows 11 is not compatible with tablets? No. Windows 11 is fully compatible with touch devices or tablets.

The thing is, Windows 11 will automatically adjust your user interface for the tablet as soon as you disconnect the keyboard from your tablet. All the functions of the original Tablet mode will be activated automatically.

It’s just that you can’t activate the feature manually. Instead, Windows 11 will automatically optimize the user interface for touch when you disconnect the keyboard from your device. In other words, in Windows 10, we could experience Tablet mode even on desktop computers. However, that is no longer possible in Windows 11.

How to activate tablet mode in Windows 11?

As mentioned above, the Tablet mode feature has been removed from Windows 11. Therefore, there is no option to enable or disable it.

Windows 11 will automatically make various changes to the user interface when it detects that the operating system is installed on a touch device or when you disconnect the keyboard from your tablet.

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