How to Show, Hide or Resize Desktop Icons in Windows 11?

Several adjustments are possible under Windows 11. You can create your own shutdown, restart, hibernation, and hibernation shortcut icons. Windows 11 lets you show or hide notification badges on the system tray. You can turn on night light for warmer colors. Also, enable and add Hibernate to the Start menu in Windows 11. All of this is possible without any third-party software. Likewise, you can show, hide, or resize desktop icons on Windows 11 without a third-party application.

Using a third-party tool can help you get more out of your Windows 11. For example, you can make the Windows 10/11 taskbar completely transparent with the TranslucentTB or TaskbarX software.

In this Gearupwindows article, we are going to guide you on how to show, hide, or resize desktop icons in Windows 11. If you don’t like the default icon size on Windows 11, or for some reason you need to show or hide the desktop icons, it is possible.

How to show, hide or resize desktop icons in Windows 11?

It’s too easy to show, hide, or resize desktop icons on Windows 11. Just do the following:

Step 1. To hide the desktop icons on the Windows 11 desktop, right-click the free space on the desktop, select view, and then clear the option Show desktop icons.

Step 2. Once you want to see the desktop icons, right click on the free space on the desktop, choose view, and then Show desktop icons.

Step 3. To change the size of the desktop icons, three standard options are available: –

  • Big icons
  • Medium symbols
  • Small icons

To choose one of these standard sizes, right-click in the blank area on the desktop. Now choose the view Option and then Big icons, Medium symbols, or Small icons.

By default, Windows 11 uses medium icons for desktop items. To see larger icons, select Large Icons. For small symbols, you can select the “Small symbols” option. Still doesn’t meet your needs? Do not worry. Minimize or close all open windows. Now press and hold the Ctrl Key from the keyboard and turn the mouse wheel to resize the desktop icons in Windows 11. When you see the size of the icon you want on the desktop, take your fingers off the mouse and keyboard. That’s it.