How To Show Date & Clock On All Displays In Windows 11

The Windows 11 taskbar, although it looks identical to the one in Windows 10, has been developed from scratch. For this reason, it lacks many of the classic features present in earlier versions of the Windows operating system.

Show date and clock on all screens

One of the many missing features is the date and clock on the secondary display. That is, when you have connected more than one monitor to your Windows 11 PC and you are using the second screen as an extended screen, the taskbar on the second screen does not show the date and clock. This is a glaring omission and many users are not happy with it.

The team behind Windows 11 could add the ability to display the date and clock on all monitors in a future version of Windows 11, but for now, there is no option to display the date and clock on the screen other than The main.

Fortunately, a developer has created workaround software that adds the date and clock to the taskbar on all screens.

ElevenClock: display date and clock on additional screens in Windows 11

ElevenClock is a free utility designed to display the date and clock on the taskbar of all screens. The utility makes displaying the date and clock on all monitors a simple task.

Like the built-in date and clock, the ElevenClock supports all local and system time formats and displays the date and time on all screens except the main one (the built-in date and clock are displayed on the main screen ).

Also, you can use the ElevenClock even if you use the dark mode as it supports both light and dark modes. And just like the date and clock on the main screen, the ElevenClock also shows / hides the notification and calendar panel by clicking on it.

So ElevenClock is a must-have program if you have a Windows 11 multi-monitor setup. You can get it from the link shown below. All you need to do is download, install, and run the program. There are also many settings and options to play with!

Elevenclock pic2

Elevenclock pic3

Edge might warn you when you download ElevenClock on your PC. You can safely ignore the warning and run the program.

Download ElevenClock