How to Quickly Turn On Bluetooth in Windows 11 – PC| 2 Methods

Windows users need to enable Bluetooth than ever because many peripherals or other devices such as smartphones or speakers are connected via Bluetooth. Bluetooth is needed to some extent on both laptops and desktop PCs. Bluetooth improves accessibility and eliminates the need to run messy cables everywhere, and makes the device portable.

Here are two easy methods to enable bluetooth. In this guide, I’ll show you How to enable Bluetooth in Windows 11 – PC with both methods.

2 ways to enable bluetooth in Windows 11

It’s time to say goodbye to wired devices and switch to other devices with Bluetooth connectivity. Not only are they a more convenient option, but they also expand the range of devices, making them a suitable choice for most people.

Method 1: Enable Bluetooth in Windows 11 through the Action Center

  • How to enable bluetooth viaAction Center ‘, tap’Action center‘in the lower right corner of the desktop.
  • Then tap the ‘Bluetooth‘Icon in the top line under all quick actions in the Action Center to activate it.
  • Once activated, it should get a darker shade based on the theme color on your PC.
Enable Bluetooth in Windows 11 through the Action Center
Turn on Bluetooth with the Action Center

Although the Bluetooth option is available in Action Center by default, this is how you add it if you accidentally deleted it before or if it doesn’t exist.

Add a bluetooth option to the Action Center

  • To add the Bluetooth option to the ‘Action Center’, tap the ‘Action center‘and tap on’Edit quick settings” Icon that resembles a pencil.
  • Now tap on ‘Add‘ keep going.
  • Next select ‘Bluetooth‘from the list of available toggle options.
  • Finally, tap on ‘Done‘below to save the changes.

Now you will see the Bluetooth option in the Action Center and you can enable it as before.

Method 2: Enable Bluetooth in Windows 11 in the settings

  • To enable Bluetooth from Settings, search for ‘the settings‘in the start menu and click on the corresponding search result to start the app.
  • Now tap in the list on the ‘equipment‘Tab.
  • Next you will see several tabs on the left, tap on ‘Bluetooth and devices‘ from the list.
  • Now tap the switch next to “Bluetooth” to activate it.
Enable Bluetooth in Windows 11 in the settings
Activate Bluetooth via settings

If you want to add a new device, it is very useful to enable bluetooth from the settings as the option is available here.

Note: If you don’t see the toggle option, your PC may not support Bluetooth. Scroll down to learn how to fix this issue.

last words

That’s it! These are two easy methods to enable bluetooth in Windows 11 using Action Center and Settings. Enabling Bluetooth on Windows 11 is very similar, if not identical, to Windows 10.

This is not surprising, because it looks more like a major update than a completely new operating system. For those who like wireless connections or seamless interaction between devices, Bluetooth is an important feature, and now you can use it in Windows 11!

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