How To Install XY VPN App On Your Windows PC

xy-vpn-for-pc-downloadConnecting to the Internet through a virtual network is one of the smartest things in this Internet age. You never know what you will face when you are surfing. A good VPN should help you stay safe from scammers and stalkers. A good VPN should allow you to unblock sites and access any site you want.

XY VPN is a simple VPN for Android that helps users stay protected and browse privately. There are so many things that XY VPN can help you achieve. In this article, we will list some of these XY features and also show you how you can get XY VPN for Windows 11 PC and Android.

Why should you choose XY VPN?

Currently, there is a wide variety of VPNs to choose from. Some are paid while others are not. The decision to choose one of these VPNs depends on many aspects. Affordability, reliability and many other aspects. Here are some reasons why you should choose XY VPN over other VPNs.

xy-vpn app features

  • It’s free – If you are working on a tight budget, XY VPN is the one for you as it is free to use.
  • Unlimited – You may think that because it is free, you may be limited in many things, but fortunately, XY VPN does not limit the time it takes while you are connected.
  • A wide variety of servers: With XY VPN you can never run out of servers. The VPN is equipped with a large number of servers for your use.
  • Military Grade Protection – With XY VPN you will get high-end protection while browsing the Internet. It can have 128-bit protection on WIFI access points and an automatic kill switch to prevent attacks or leaks.
  • No setup or registration needed – With XY VPN, you don’t need to sign up to use this VPN as many VPN apps may require it.

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XY VPN Features

If you choose this VPN, there are several things that you would expect it to do for you. Below we have highlighted some of its functions.

With XY VPN, you can surf the internet safely as you will get protection against all kinds of internet dangers.

Browse the Internet privately, which means that no one will be able to see your browsing tracks.
You can use XY VPN to unblock blocked sites, whether they are geo-blocked or banned.

You can also change or mask your real IP address.

How to get XY VPN for Android and PC

XY VPN is available for Android users, so you can download the application directly from the Google Play store. To download it for Windows 11 PC, you will need an Android emulator because the application is not officially available for Windows and Mac.

Follow the instructions below to download the application on your Windows or Mac device.


1. Download Bluestacks on your computer, be it Windows or Mac.
2. Login to your Google account and visit the Google Play Store.
3. Search for XY VPN on the Google Play Store.
4. Click install to install the application on your Windows PC or Mac.

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