How to Enable or Disable Window Borders Color in Windows 11?

Windows 11 offers several ways to personalize the look. Most of us want to customize our operating system based on our choice and where the Windows operating system resides. Windows 11 has an ascending color feature that is used to give a color to Windows borders. With the ascending color option, you can beautify your Windows 11. Window borders look pretty, especially if you are using a dark theme on your PC. When you enable this feature, it highlights window borders that you may want to use.

There are several color options available that you can use for window borders. According to your choice, you can change the accent color as you like. However, Microsoft also offers an option to completely turn off the window frame color from Windows 11 onwards.

This Gearupwindows article will teach you how to enable or disable window frame color in Windows 11. It’s very simple and you may already be familiar with this feature.

How do I turn on or off window frame color in Windows 11?

Before we proceed with the steps, we’d like to mention that toggling the color on or off the window borders will also toggle the color of the title bars on and off. Let’s see how it works?

Step 1. Open the Settings app by pressing. to press window + I Keys from the keyboard or some other method. If the Settings app isn’t working or responding, you can try resetting it.

Step 2: on the settings Window, choose that personalization Category from the left side panel, and then click the to the right of it To dye Tab.

Step 3. Click the colors you want to see around the edges of the window Windows colors Opportunity. If you don’t want to use any of the default colors, click this View colors Button next to Custom colors and select the color you want there.

Step 4. Once you’ve selected the color you want, flip the toggle switch to the on position next to Show ascent color in title bars and window borders Opportunity.

Once you complete the above steps, Windows 11 will use the selected color in title bars and window frames. To disable this feature, repeat the above steps and toggle the toggle switch next to in step 4. the end Show ascent color in title bars and window borders Opportunity. Colors on title bars and window borders become invisible immediately.

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