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How to Download and Install Minecraft on Windows 11 for Free

Written by Wyatt Surrey

Minecraft is a popular game that can be played on Windows PC, Android phones, iPhone, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox, and other devices. Minecraft is an 8-bit video game developed by Swedish developer Mojang and owned by Microsoft. Players explore the terrain in this game and can use the blocks and other resources provided in the game to build a virtual world. In this guide, we’re going to show you different ways to download and install Minecraft for free on Windows 11 PCs, both Bedrock Edition and Java Edition.

What is Minecraft and why is it so papular?

Minecraft is often referred to as a “sandbox game”. This means that this is a virtual land where users can use building blocks, resources on the website and their creativity to shape their world and experience.

It is becoming increasingly popular, especially with elementary school children. Minecraft is described as a game with no rules. It doesn’t come with a set of instructions or set goals, players can build and explore at will. It is often compared to virtual Lego.

This means that Minecraft fans have a lot of flexibility in how to play. Users can recreate an existing fantasy world or build a new world from scratch, fight villains and seek adventures and play alone or with friends.

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Minecraft editions on Windows 11

Before you can play Minecraft games on your PC, the first thing you need to do is determine which version you want. There are two versions that you can choose from. The two most common versions of Minecraft are as follows:

  • Java edition
  • Bedrock edition

Minecraft Java Edition

The Java version is the oldest of all game types in Minecraft and is still available for Windows, macOS or Linux. By installing this version you will get better graphics, more servers and unlimited modification possibilities. The only downside to this version is that you cannot play this game on mobile devices, game consoles, or similar devices. However, you can use your computer to play games, i.e. any other online player on Windows, Linux, or macOS.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Bedrock Edition is an advanced version, commonly known as Minecraft for Windows 10. Users prefer this version because it can be played on multiple operating systems such as Windows, Xbox, Android, and iOS. It also outperforms the Java version in terms of performance and load time. But there is no hardcore or spectator mode. Also, if you are creating a custom mode, this option is only available in the Java version.

3 ways to download and install Minecraft for free on Windows 11

Now that you know the fundamental difference between the two versions, choose the Minecraft version wisely. If you want to play this game with your friends, you cannot make up your mind alone. Please note that these two versions cannot be transferred. Therefore, you’d better argue and get consensus among your friends.

You can download a free trial version of Minecraft on Windows 11 and play it on your PC. However, the free trial version of Minecraft has a playing time of 100 minutes or 5 days of play, after which you have to pay for the game. If you want to get Minecraft for free in Windows 11, please follow any of the methods below.

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1. Get Minecraft Bedrock Edition on Windows 11 from the Microsoft Store (free)

Using Microsoft Store to install Minecraft is one of the easiest ways to choose. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • To download and install Minecraft on Windows 11, go to the Start menu and look for the Microsoft Storeand open it.
  • Next, when the Microsoft Store opens, look for Minecraft. You will get multiple versions of the game. You can choose between the three major versions of the game, Minecraft for Windows 10, Minecraft for Windows 10 Starter Collection, and Minecraft for Windows 10 Master Collection. But only Minecraft for Windows 10 Edition offers a free trial.
  • Click Minecraft for Windows 10 to open it.
  • Now tap on the free trial to download the free trial of the game.
  • The game will now download. The game will be downloaded and installed on your PC.
Find Minecraft in the Microsoft Store
Find Minecraft in the Microsoft Store

2. Get the Minecraft Bedrock Edition on Windows 11 from the Minecraft website

Instead of using the Microsoft Store, you can also download and install the Minecraft for Windows 10 edition from the official Minecraft website, which will direct you back to the Microsoft Store.

  • To download and install Minecraft for free on Windows 11 from the website, go to
  • Click on the ‘Games‘at the top of the page and tap’Minecraft‘.
  • If you’re trying Minecraft for free, tap ‘TRY IT FOR FREE“Link on top of website.
  • Next, a new page will open, tap the Windows logo to download the trial version for Windows.
  • This will take you to the Microsoft Store page. Click on Free Trial, sign in to your Microsoft account and you will be redirected to the Windows Store app again.
  • That’s it, you can now follow the exact steps outlined in the section above.
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Get the Minecraft Bedrock Edition on Windows 11 from the Minecraft website
Get Minecraft for its website

3. Download and install Minecraft Java Edition on Windows 11 from the Minecraft website

If you want to try Minecraft Java Edition, remember that you can only download it from the official Minecraft website.

  • To download and install Minecraft Java Edition, open the official Minecraft website, clickGames‘Button at the top of the page.
  • Next select ‘Minecraft‘.
  • Then tap the ‘TRY IT FOR FREE‘Link at the top of the website, just like we did before.
  • Now scroll down on the next page and tap on that ‘DOWNLOAD NOW’ under the Minecraft: Java Edition for Windows section.
Download Minecraft Java Edition on Windows 11
Download Minecraft Java on Windows 11
  • Choose a destination and just save the installer.
  • Finally, to install it on your PC, double click on the installer and follow the instructions on the screen one by one.
Install Minecraft Java on Windows 11
Install Minecraft Java on Windows 11

How to get Minecraft Java Edition on Windows 11.

last words

Here’s how you can download and install Minecraft for free on Windows 11, both the Bedrock edition and the Java edition. You will get a free trial version of the game. If you want an immersive gaming experience, you need to update this version. Hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions about these steps, please write them in the comments section below.

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