How To Change The Size of Taskbar Icons In Windows 11

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With Windows 11, Microsoft introduced a revamped taskbar and Start menu. Windows 11 displays program icons, including the Start button, in the center of the taskbar instead of on the left. Additionally, search, widgets, task view, and chat icons appear by default on the taskbar, but can be disabled.

Windows 11 does not offer a setting to change the default size of the icons on the taskbar. You can of course change the scale in the Settings app, but doing so resizes all icons (not just the icons on the taskbar), text (everywhere), and other items than most of the people don’t want to change.

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Fortunately, there is a solution to resize taskbar icons in Windows 11. It’s pretty easy too. All you need to do is open the Registry and change a value.

Resize program icons on Windows 11 taskbar

Complete the instructions below to resize the taskbar icons in Windows 11.

IMPORTANT: Resizing the taskbar icons also resizes the taskbar accordingly. That is, if you increase the size of the icons, the size of the taskbar will also automatically increase to accommodate larger icons and vice versa. So yes, this guide can also be used to make the taskbar smaller or larger.

Step 1: Use the Start / taskbar search to open the Registry editor.

If you receive the user account confirmation message, click the Yes to open the Registry Editor.

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Step 2: In the Registry Editor’s address bar, copy and paste the following path and hit the Enter key.

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HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Explorer Advanced

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Step 3: Now on the right side you need to create a new value. To do that, perform a the right button of the mouse in an empty place (on the right side), click New, and then click DWORD value (32 bits).

Name the new value as Taskbar Yes.

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Step 4: Finally, double click about him Taskbar Yes Set of values For little ones, 1 for medium and 2 for large icons.

Click on the okay button to apply.

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Step 5: You must restart your PC or restart File Explorer to see the change.

Use display scale to resize all icons and other items in Windows 11

Screen scaling allows you to increase or decrease the size of icons, menus, texts, and other items. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Right-click an empty spot on the desktop and click Display settings to open Settings > System > Monitor page.

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Step 2: Here on the right side, in the Scale and layout section, select a scale from the drop-down box to apply the scale. The default scale value is 100%. We suggest that you choose the scale recommended by Windows 11.

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