How to Change SafeSearch Filter in Window 11?

Windows 11 may finally appear on your computer in November 2024 if you’re running Windows 10 and the hardware is compatible with Windows 11. The good news is that if you’re already using real Windows 10, you don’t have to pay any money. Your Windows 10 PC will automatically be updated to the latest version of Windows 11. If you don’t want your PC to run Windows 11, you can tell Windows 10 not to download and install Windows 11.

Windows 11 offers many features, including the integrated search function. You can search and find help content, apps, files and folders, settings and even get quick answers from the internet like weather reports, stock prices, currency converters and much more right from the system tray.

When you search the internet for answers to your questions, you sometimes get content or links that are not age-appropriate. Windows search can contain adult content, especially when searching for keywords that also contain references to adult content. Windows 11 offers to change your search filter levels to Strict, Moderate, or Off. The SafeSearch setting built into Windows overrides your Bing SafeSearch setting when you search web results on your desktop.

In this Gearupwindows article, we will walk you through the SafeSearch filter settings on your Windows 11 PC. It comes in handy when you share your computer or laptop with your family or children.

How do I restrict web results in Windows 11?

Checking web results under Windows 11 is very easy with the integrated SafeSearch function. You can use SafeSearch to ensure that adult content is not being returned from the web.

Step 1. Launch the Settings app by pressing window + I Keyboard shortcuts or some other method, and then click Privacy and security Category from the left side of the page.

Step 2. On the right side of the Privacy and security Category, search for the Search permissions Tab and click on it.

Step 3. On the Search permissions In the settings area you have the following options to select the level of filtering that you want to apply to the results of the web search:

  • Strictly – Filter out adult text, images and videos from the web results.
  • Moderate – Filter adult images and videos but not text from the web results
  • the end – Don’t filter adult content from search results

Depending on your needs, select the appropriate options, then close the Settings app.