How to Backup and Restore Start Menu Layout on Windows 11/10?

The nice thing about Windows 11/10 is that you can use the Start menu. You can easily add or remove new applications from the Start menu by pinning or removing them. You can even pin files and folders to the Start menu in Windows 11. If you’re using Windows 11, you can add the Settings app, File Explorer, and other icons to the Start menu next to the power button.

Many adjustments are possible under Windows 11/10. Once you’ve designed the layout that’s right for you, you’ll need to save its layouts for the future as someone with administrator rights on your PC can easily change the layout. In addition, a major update of Windows can reset the layout of the Start menu.

Although you can restrict the layout change using the Registry Editor or Group Policy, in this Gearupwindows article we introduce a small freeware tool that can easily do this job. Backup start menu layout is a free tool from sordum that can help.

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Backup Start Menu Layout for Windows 11/10

The Backup start menu layout is free and tiny software that actually doesn’t strictly change the layout of the Start menu, but allows you to backup and restore the layout. Once you’ve set the Start menu up to your liking, just create the backup, and if someone changes the layout, just restore it to the previous layout. Isn’t that a good option? This app comes in very handy when you don’t want to set up your Start Menu layout from scratch. It’s also helpful if for some reason you need to format your PC and install clean Windows 11/10.

How can I backup Windows 11/10 start menu layout?

Step 1. Download the backup start menu layout tool.

Step 2. Extract the contents using WinRAR or other archiving software.

Step 3. Now double click on the executable file to launch it. There are separate files for 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. So run the correct file.

Step 4. In the Start Menu application, click the Backup and Restore Make a backup Icon from the toolbar.

As soon as you click on the “Create backup” icon, a backup will be created for the start menu. You can create multiple backups for your start menu layout. Once you have created the backup, it will appear in the application.

How can I backup Windows 11/10 start menu layout?

Step 1. Run the application and right click on the backup entry that was created.

Step 2. Choose the Restore Backup Possibility.

If a backup is no longer required, simply right-click on this entry and select “Delete backup” Possibility.

That’s all.

Where can I find the backup of the start menu layout?

By default, this tool generates the backup in an XML file in the same folder where you saved the Backup start menu layout Software. So, once you’ve made the backup of the Start menu, move its folder to a safe place, such as B. on a USB drive or a USB stick.

Download the backup start menu layout

Although the Backup Start Menu Layout application is still compatible with Windows 10, it worked on Windows 11 in our test. You can download this freeware app here.