How do I Increase or Decrease the RAM in my VirtualBox Virtual Machine?

VirtualBox Virtual Machine is beautiful software that lets you install any version of Windows, including Windows 11, practically like a physical machine. During the installation of Windows 11 on a virtual machine, you will need to specify memory, RAM, etc. to run it virtually. If at a later time you want to increase or decrease the allocated RAM for a virtual window, you can do so without deleting the virtual window. This means that you don’t have to erase and reinstall your Windows just to adjust the RAM capacity of a virtual machine. With VirtualBox Virtual Machine, you can increase or decrease the allocated RAM of a virtual machine without deleting it.

This Gearupwindows article guides you to increase or decrease the memory in a VirtualBox virtual machine.

How can I increase or decrease the RAM capacity in my VirtualBox virtual machine?

Step 1. Turn off your Windows 11 virtual machine.

To turn off Windows 11, click the begin Button from the system tray. Then click on that On / Off button and choose the Shut down Possibility.

Step 2. Once Guest Windows 11 is turned off, Oracle VM Virtual Box Manager, select your guest operating system in the left pane and click the in the right pane the settings Menu.

Step 3. On the the settings Window, choose that system Tab from the left. Use the slider to the right of it or manually enter the amount of RAM next to the slider.

Step 4. Finally, click the OK Button to apply the changes.

That’s it.

Now you can start your guest / virtual Windows 11 and enjoy.

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