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Virtual CloneDrive offers a great way to create a virtual CD, DVD and Blu-ray drive. This software emulates physical disc drives including optical discs and hard drives so that you can easily mount ISO files on your Windows. It also works well for inserting image files from a network drive.

Features of Virtual CloneDrive

This free utility supports up to 15 virtual CD drives at the same time. Whether your ISO image contains data, video, or video, it makes mounting ISO files brilliantly simple. This application is integrated with your Windows Explorer, so it is totally easy to use.

Features of Virtual CloneDrive

Virtual drive app is a useful software that will help you achieve your goal. It includes a number of features to make it easier to mount files without having to burn images to a physical CD or DVD. Here are some highlighted features to enjoy this app.

1. Emulate a physical drive

This program behaves like a physical CD or DVD drive that lets you mount images from a network drive or hard drive. Mounting ISO files is a matter of seconds. Only with a double click you can mount any image without burning it.

During installation, you will need to choose the disk image formats to associate with Virtual CloneDrive. These formats include .iso, .dvd, .ccd, .udf, .img, and .bin. Once associated, each format can be mounted by double clicking. Unassociated formats must be mounted from File Explorer.

2. Supports up to 15 drives

By default, this application comes with an active virtual drive. But you can add more drives as it supports up to 15 virtual drives at the same time. How to add an active player is quite simple from the app’s home screen. The number of drives depends on the number of images you wish to mount.

When you need to mount two ISO images at once, you need to activate two virtual drives before mounting. Although you can double-click to mount one image, it doesn’t work for two or more images. You will have to do this from the context menu.

3. History of mounted images

This program has a history function that saves the edited images. Each time you mount an image, it will be saved in the history of recently mounted images. It allows you to easily find the image when needed.

But as you progress, the history may be flooded with mounted images and it will be difficult to find a file. As an alternative, you can clear the history so that finding a file isn’t daunting. This feature can be disabled if desired.

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4. Easy disassembly

Using Virtual CloneDrive, you can easily unmount images with the eject button. Simply double click on the image you want to unmount and select Eject. But what if you need to unmount multiple files at once?

This app makes it easy for you. The fastest way to unmount all files at once is to disable all virtual drives. This action will allow you to unmount all images directly from the home window of the application.

5. Integrated with Windows Explorer

Few virtual drive applications integrate Windows Explorer, but this program is an exception. You can enjoy convenient image editing through seamless integration into Explorer context menu. This allows you to mount an image from within the application or through Windows Explorer.

Moreover, this free and open source application comes with a simple and user-friendly interface. Whether you are novice or advanced users, this tool is completely easy to use.

Features of Virtual CloneDrive

Why choose and download Virtual CloneDrive

There are many utilities that work similarly to Virtual CloneDrive, allowing you to mount images without burning them to a CD or DVD. However, this tool has a number of reasons to choose, including:

1. Free

This free software allows you to use it at no cost. Whether you use it at home, at school or in the office, this application is free. Rather than spending your money on programs with similar functionality, Virtual CloneDrive might be the better choice.

2. No language barrier

No need to worry about the language while using this tool. It provides a multilingual interface that allows you to choose the language of your choice. You can select English, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Chinese or many other languages ​​for easier use.

3. Complete set of features

Thanks to a comprehensive set of features that make it efficient, simple and easy to use. With just one app, you can mount and unmount ISO images in seconds. It also supports a range of image formats so you can have more images to manage.

4. Easy to use

If you are looking for an easy to use emulator, this program might be the best bet. It has a simple and simple interface so that you won’t have any difficulties in running it.

All in all, Virtual CloneDrive is an awesome virtual emulator to mount ISO images from Windows computer. With a simple interface and easy-to-use tools, it becomes an ideal program for both beginners and advanced users.

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