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Do you know that you can really improve your typing skills with Typing Master 10? Well, there are tons of handy and useful apps that can help you learn and practice typing. Among some of the best typing apps, Typing Master is supposed to improve your accuracy and professional typing ability. The best thing about this software is its efficient use and simplicity, and yet it is also free. Yes, if you want to use it, you don’t have to pay anything. Isn’t that nice?

Typing master 10
Typing master 10

About Typing Master 10 in general

So what’s so great about this typing software, anyway? Typing Master 10 comes with various custom options and exercises. You can choose any exercise to use and practice it – hassle-free and hassle-free. There are different options for different levels and paces, so you can really test your abilities and progress over time.

The program has 5 different courses that cover everything like special characters, numeric keypad, and alphabets. There’s also a custom feedback feature so weak spots can be highlighted. By doing so, you know your weakness and then access additional exercises to fix the harm. The keys come with different colors so you can quickly learn the position of the keys with improved accuracy and faster typing.

Useful features

Naturally, when you want to learn more about something, you want to know about some of the handy features. For Typing Master 10, these are:

  • Personalized comments. As it was mentioned before, this feature is useful because you know the weak part of your typing skills and you can work on it. Since it is personalized, everyone will have a different result
  • Support for multiple users. This software supports multiple users and it can do so effortlessly. The software has the so called personal study profile where each user will create their own profile. In each profile there is personalized exercise and progress data.
  • Progress tracking. You can view the progress report in a fairly detailed yet easy to understand graphical presentation. This tracker can be modified for daily or weekly use.
  • Fun exercises. Everyone likes learning while having fun and doing exercises, right? This software is smart enough to include such a factor. Typing exercises are managed through games – there will be 4 types of games – which will improve your typing skill without getting bored. After all, it’s so much fun to engage in exercise through games, isn’t it?
  • Keyboard exercise. The exercises implement visuals and colors so that users can learn about the different positions of the keys. This way, not only can the keystroke be executed faster, but you can also expect a more accurate result.
  • Timed trials. Typing tests come with a timed feature that will track your progress and success. Based on these tests, you can either move forward or repeat the cycle again.
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Typing Master 10 Latest Version
Typing Master 10 Latest Version

There are tons of features to enjoy from this app including keystroke counter, optimized duration, personalized personal goals and much more. If you want to improve your typing skills in such a fun and engaging way, you should try Typing Master 10.