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Maybe you have heard of Spotify in general. However, did you know that Spotify has some hidden features that you can’t ignore? Based on the New Word Suggestion, Spotify is defined as a new digital music service that allows users to collect tons of different songs that you can derive from the laptop, smartphone or other devices you have.


This digital music service application runs on Windows, Macintosh or Linux operating system. It is also supported by some modern devices such as iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

Spotify Features

Do you want to get more from this app and find what you are looking for? Realize it by staying on this page for less than five minutes to read Spotify’s hidden features review. What are these?

Ability to use voice

The first capability of Spotify that you can optimize is to use your voice. How can it work? Well, when you want to listen to a song, artist, playlist or album, all you have to do is talk to your mobile app and make a request. Long press the button and ask Spotify to play what you want. Luckily, you can have this faster and faster than you ever imagined.

View album and artist information

The app’s second major capability is to display album and artist information. This means you can tap “Show Album” or “Show Artist” if you want to know more about the music you’re going to play. You can do this quickly and easily without searching. Later, you will know what are the new songs brought by the artists you did not know before. You will also be able to see what songs they just released.

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Well, it’s very good and useful, especially if you like to play music.

Save Weekly Discovery Playlist

Maybe you always find the new songs every weekend when you are not at work and want to record them well. Alright, you can definitely save your weekly discovery playlist by Spotify support. Usually releases 30 songs every Monday. This function will automatically save the songs to the playlist. So you don’t have to worry about having your songs poof.

Latest version of Spotify
Latest version of Spotify

Recover Deleted Reading List

The next hidden feature that you can open is the ability to recover deleted playlist. All you need to do is turn to Spotify’s web client. Log in using your account and simply click “Get Playlist” on the left panel. Later, find the playlist you want to recover by tapping “Restore”. As simple as that.

Ability to display lyrics

Featuring the ability to display lyrics, this app is certainly capable of displaying lyrics, although only for certain selected songs. The interface of “Behind the Lyrics” is used to display the lyrics you want to know.


In conclusion, it is good for those who love music and play it most of the time. Spotify will be very helpful to collect and save tons of different songs.

Download the latest version of Spotify