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Want to see the world without leaving your desk? Grab Google Earth now! It is a free application that offers you a 3D model of the world on your desktop. Launched by the Californian search engine giant, Google Earth presents the 3D model of the globe. This 3D model allows you to tilt, pan and rotate using only your mouse.

Google Earth
Google Earth

With this application you will be able to reach the extraordinary level of resolution of images of cities. This way you can zoom in and out on streets, buildings, parks and monuments as if you were using a bird’s eye view.

Features of Google Earth

Below are the features you can check out about this app so you can consider picking it up.

Google Expand

The first feature you can check out is Google Expansion. This feature is designed to help you include more information about desired countries outside of the United States. In this case, the most related data usually includes the landmarks of local shops, clubs, bars, pharmacies, schools and gas stations. This feature is very useful to help people find the location easily and accurately.

Community Generated Points

The second feature of Google Earth that you can optimize is community generated points. All community generated points can be viewed, including web camps, stadiums, and some places of interest. This feature allows you to easily see what you intend to do.

Ability to create landmarks

Luckily, this app also offers the ability to create your own landmarks. In this case, you can directly create your own landmarks with the personalized icons for certain personal places such as home, work, the best beaches in town or your favorite bars. This way you can save the maps in JPEG format and email the maps to your friends using its Files menu.

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Enable 3D

Another great feature presented by Google Earth is enabling 3D functionality. It’s quite amazing since you can adjust the perspective by optimizing the stilt from aerial view to horizontal view. Therefore, you may be able to look down the street with the building around. It is very interesting to have such an application completed with 3D visualization options so that you can see the world as real.

Google Earth Rockets

This is perhaps the only feature that makes the app widely used so far. Google Earth flares along with the search bar help you instantly find the current location and files for your next destination. For example, you can use the geographic information system by combining the bitmap satellite images with the vector. As a result, you will be able to see borders, roads and train lines as well as other information.

Latest version of Google Earth
Latest version of Google Earth


In conclusion, you can consider Google Earth because of its useful features mentioned above so that you can discover the world without leaving your desk. Thus, having this application is a must-have application to include in your PC.

Download the latest version of Google Earth