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Have you ever heard of SixaxisPairTool? Do you know the term? If you are busy with the software, you shouldn’t feel strange and you should know it. Coming to software, SixaxisPairTool is an application that allows users to connect Playstation and Sixaxis controllers through the various modes on gadgets via Bluetooth connection.

Now, if you are real gamers, you must know a lot about this tool. This tool is designed as an application for Windows operating system as well as Android. Simply, you will be able to play mobile phone games on your personal computer or vice versa (you will be able to play computer game on your mobile devices) if you connect your plastation3 by the tool connection.


Features of SixaxisPairTool

On this page, you will learn more about SixaxisPairTool so that you can play your desired game more conveniently.

Compatibility and license

The first thing you need to know about the software is its compatibility and license. SixaxisPairToo is permanently licensed as freeware to run on Windows, Mac, and Linux. This means that you will not encounter any restrictions while using this software or application.

Designed as freeware, SixaxisPairTool is available for free to all users. It means that you can download this free software without paying anything since it is free for the users of the software.

Support for Android devices

SixaxisPairTool is considered to support Android devices. Now if you have Android and want to play game by transferring the games either from your PC to your mobile phone or from your mobile phone to your PC, you just need to pair your Android with your PC using of this tool.

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However, you must ensure that pairing a computer to your mobile phone is secure.

Easy setup

The next feature you need to check about SixaxisPairTool is the ease of installation. Don’t worry too much if you don’t know more about this app. Its easy install feature will actually allow you to install the app easily without any major hassle. When you open this program and find an error message saying “missing required protocol”, it means that your mobile devices are not compatible.

Less time

Less time is another feature of SixaxisPairTool that you should know about. To run this installer, you only need a few minutes. This means that you only need a short time to install this application. So installing this app won’t bother you when you do it while you are doing other things as well.

Latest version of SixaxisPairTool
Latest version of SixaxisPairTool

Automatic and manual way

There are generally two ways to connect or pair your Sixaxis controller. If you can’t log in automatically, you can log in manually. Watch how the matching requirement gives you an easy option.


All in all, SixaxisPairTool is very necessary to install on your computer to help you play games on both your computer and mobile devices.

Download the latest version of SixaxisPairTool