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What is the Canon Quick Menu? If you have Canon devices, you must have been familiar with the terms. This is an application designed as a handy little tool to access the features, documentation and tools that come with the Canon printer. That’s why I say you must have been familiar with the term if you are a Canon user.

Canon Quick Menu certainly has a tool for organizing photos or images. Therefore, this tool allows you to scan or print photos or images with Canon printer just by using this application.

Canon Quick Menu
Canon Quick Menu

What you need to know about Canon’s Quick Menu

My picture garden

My Picture Garden is a feature or tool added to Canon Quick Menu for the purpose of organizing photos. Maybe you have scanned photos or images and need to organize them in a good organization. So, this feature will help you do that.


Canon Quick Menu is considered to have good maintenance, especially for network settings, silent settings, and auto power settings. In other words, you will easily maintain them so that you will not have any difficulty in running the application.

Information accessible on the device

The third feature you need to check is access to device information. This means you can access the device information about the ink model number as well as the on-screen manual.

Scanning capacity

Another feature of the Canon Quick Menu is the scanning capability. Since this application allows to link the print jobs to the printer through the quick menu, you can certainly scan the photos, images or other files. In this case, the canning capability includes email attachment, auto scan, and OCR tool. This feature allows you to easily scan using the quick menu available.

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Printing capacity

It offers printing capability dealing with its relationship with the Canon printer. Printing capability includes photo printing, moving prints, special image filters and calendars. So you can print all the file types you need just by maximizing the activity of the quick menu options provided by Canon.

Latest version of Canon quick menu
Latest version of Canon quick menu

Web services

This application also includes web service in the list of features and highlights. The web service covers the field of registration, Creative Park, manuals and product information. This means that this feature allows you to complete registration as well as obtain other services that you can obtain through the Internet.


It is proven to be compatible with Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. The compatibility of this application with Microsoft Windows is either on 32-bit or 64-bit configuration. So you don’t have to worry that Windows is already installed on your computer. You will be very happy to know that Canon Quick Menu is compatible with almost all platforms.


Finally, Canon Quick Menu is very important to install, especially if you have Canon devices such as a Canon printer.