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Do you know that using Icecream Password Manager can be very beneficial for managing your private data? As all software users around the world know, Icecream Password Manager is a free software designed to help you manage ID, password, bank account and other personal or private data.

ice password manager
ice password manager

Using this software allows you to free yourself from full passwords in notebooks. You will not take too much time to reset the password according to the given procedure. Another advantage of using this software is that you can also access different accounts with one master password.

More and more people like this software because of its secure encryption, auto backup capability, easy to use instructions, free tool and some additional features. Although some browser plugins may not access websites, that’s okay.

Icecream Password Manager Features

Here are the main features of Icecream Password Manager that you should know:

Data encryption

Generally, data protection becomes the biggest risk of a password manager. However, this software is designed with data encryption with AES-256 chipper which is mostly used by United States government institutions. It makes the software capable of protecting all sensitive data with the highest level of security.

master password

The second main feature offered by Icecream Password Manager is the master password. This feature lets you access email, social media, banking, and other accounts by just entering a single password. This is called a master password feature. Isn’t that great?

browser extension

The next main feature you need to know about is the browser extension. This password manager actually has Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that allow you to access various passwords. In this way, you just need to click on the icon and enter the master password to log in to a website.

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Icecream Password Manager Latest Version
Icecream Password Manager Latest Version

Autofill forms

Featuring auto-fill forms, Icecream Password Manager is capable of saving information and filling in details automatically, which is done immediately by the software extension. All you have to do is click on the icon and tap on the “identities” option available.

Credit card management

Luckily, this software is also added with the credit card management feature. Thus, you will be able to save different information in the credit card. You can use this feature well when you are shopping online and need to autofill data using the browser extension.

Useful additional features

When all major features are already added in Icecream Password Manager, you can always optimize additional features as useful bonus features. Those are:

  • Creation of strong passwords to generate unbreakable passwords.
  • Secure Notes to take an important note that no one can see.
  • Dropbox sync to backup data by syncing with Dropbox.
  • Multiple users to access and exchange sensitive data with other partners.


All in all, taking Icecream Password Manager on your PC is a very good idea to manage password usage. The six features of the software are expected to come to your mind so that you can consider getting the software.

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