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Do you know the exact definition of Code::Blocks and how it contributes to computer programming? Well, dealing with computer programming, Code::Blocks is a lexical structure that unites into a group. It is also known as a free open source cross-platform IDE supporting multiple compilers such as GCC, Clang and Visual CC++.


Code::Blocks works to allow groups to treat group statements as one statement only. Another function is to simplify the lexical scope of objects, including variables, procedures, and block functions. So there will be no problem if you use the same name elsewhere.

Code :: Block Features

There have been some features that you can expect from this app. However, we have just selected a few to include the review below.


The first feature of Code::Blocks dealing with application capabilities is compilers. As one of the most prominent computer programming applications, it has the ability to support multiple compilers such as GCC, MinGW, Digital Mars, Microsoft Visual C++, Watcom, LCC, Intel C++ Borland Compiler and LLVM Clang. This is how this feature helps the software for computer programming language.

code editor

The second feature that is very reliable is the code editor. In this case, you are allowed to organize open files into tabs. Well, code editors support font as well as font size options. It also supports custom syntax highlight color where you can create more desired colored highlight.


The next feature to check out is the debugger. In this case, the Code::Blocks debugger provides full breakpoint support. You are also allowed to debug the program assisted by local function symbol accessibility and argument display, user-defined call stack watches, custom memory dump, disassembly , thread switching, CPU registers and the GNU Debugger interface.

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GUI designer

Along with GUI Designer, Code::Blocks provides you with wxSmith which you can use to derive the port for wxWidgets version 2.9.4. To complete this version of the application, you must install the wxWidgets SDK. In short, you can design the GUI supported by this feature.

Project files and build system

Don’t forget to check the functionality of project files as well. Project files will be used to help users build the system storing XML files. In fact, you can use external makefiles to simplify projects using the build system. However, this is optional. You can take it or not depending on your personal choice.

Migrating users

Finally, you should also see the user migration feature. The user migration feature allows users to migrate out of other IDEs. What other IDEs are there? These are Dev-C++, Microsoft Visual C++ project import, and Dev-C++ Depak support. So you can easily migrate from these IDEs when using Code::Blocks.


Finally, you can deduce in your mind that Code::Blocks is needed to handle computer programming to support multiple compilers. The 6 selected features of the app reviewed above show how the app helps in computer programming. You can now consider having this application on your PC.