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NeoOffice is an office suite designed for Mac. Originally released in 2003, this open source program is developed by Planamesa Inc. It uses most of the features of, including spreadsheet, presentation program, word processor, and graphics programs.


Along with the basic features, it is added with some features which are not available in similar programs of Mac versions like Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice. For this office suite program to work properly, make sure your device is running macOS 10.12 or higher.

NeoOffice Features

As a versatile office suite for Mac, it allows you to take work productivity to another level. To achieve this goal, NeoOffice is packed with useful features for working with any document. Here are the main features you won’t find in LibreOffice or OpenOffice.

1. Locking files

Working collaboratively is a great way to improve productivity. But when you and your team are working on the same document at the same time, it can lead to a problem. This office suite highlights File Lock which allows you to securely edit files in cloud storage like iCloud or Dropbox.

This feature prevents multiple users from working on the same document, which will result in a collision. When a document is locked, only one user can edit and work on it. Authorized people on your team will be able to view it after you finish editing the document.

2. Text highlighting

This Office alternative adopts Mac’s full native text highlighting behavior, providing a different experience from LibreOffice and OpenOffice. While both office suite programs highlight text with a light tint, this application exhibits the same behavior as Mac text highlighting.

The lampshade is sturdier, giving you better viewing. Having this feature in this desktop application makes you want to work with Apple’s Safari.

3. Dark mode

Adopting dark mode from macOS Mojave, this feature adds visual attraction when working with documents. When dark mode is enabled, you will enjoy this app in completely dark color. Using this mode is a great way to save energy and protect your eyes.

Engineers allow you to temporarily disable this mode for a variant. Once disabled, backgrounds and everything in this program will be changed. Simply select the Disable dark mode option and the NeoOffice display will switch to light mode.

4. Browse All Versions

Inspired by OS X Lion, this office suite is added with Versions feature. It allows you to save a file without losing a copy of the document. Whenever you need a copy of the original document without any modifications, this feature has you covered.

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It uses the same principle as the Release feature of OS X Lion which allows users to save files before any changes. How to use this feature in NeoOffice is quite simple. Choose the Browse All Versions menu and restore previous versions of documents.

5. Floating Tool Windows

While LibreOffice and OpenOffice provide you with floating tool windows that behave like Windows, this application promises distinct viewing. You will find floating tool windows commonly found in most Mac applications.

These floating tool windows come with a small window title bar that floats above the document. All these windows will be hidden when the program is not active. Once the program is active, these windows will reappear.

6. Easy Launch Setup

The Open on Launch menu provides the convenience of choosing a document type when this program is launched. By default, this application opens a text document on launch. But you can configure this parameter so that the program launches the Calc or Impress document type.

How to do it is simple. Go to NeoOffice and choose Open at launch. You can choose between Writer, Calc, Draw, Math, Impress and others. You can also select the None option to display the Mac menu bar when this application is launched.

Why You Should Use NeoOffice

NeoOffice interface

There are so many more reasons to use this office suite than LibreOffice Where Apache Open Office. Although the main advantages are easy access to create, edit and share documents, it has many other advantages to consider. Check them out!

1. Compatible with multiple files

This application can easily handle a variety of documents and file formats, primarily Word documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. Working from a Mac computer is simple, thanks to configurable launch that lets you choose a specific document type at launch.

2. Intuitive interface

You can easily generate, modify and save documents thanks to an intuitive interface. This is especially a major advantage for beginners, although NeoOffice is also ideal for advanced users.

3. Avoid collisions

With document locking, you can avoid collisions caused by multiple users working on the same documents. This is important in collaborative work, allowing only one user to edit the document at a time.

Overall, NeoOffice is a well-designed office suite for macOS that offers plenty of features. With highlighted features like file locking, Mac native floating tool windows, and restore to previous versions, working with documents becomes a simple task.

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