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Categorized as freeware, it comes with a password to protect your folders and files. Since there is no guarantee that you will fully back up your folders and files, you need such software to provide the best protection for your folders and files from unintended viewing, reading and modification.

IObit Protected Folder
IObit Protected Folder

This software is like a security box to hide and protect the files or folders so that no one can see or even open and read the files. It is very suitable for keeping your privacy, preventing data loss and leaking.

IObit Protected Folder Features

IObit Protected Folder can be optimized with its features in the following review:

Block access

The first feature you can optimize is block access. The Access Blocking feature helps you block access to files, programs and folders you have selected. This way no one can find, open or see them since you have blocked access to them. You can do this by configuring the protection password for files, folders and programs. Thus, all content is well preserved and protected.

Hide from being viewed with IObit Protected Folder

The second feature that you can optimize right after installing the software is the ability to not be viewed. All files, folders, videos as well as images are protected against those who want to study them. You are the only person who can see them.

Write protection

Featuring write protection, IObit Protected Folder also comes with write protection. In this case, when someone wants to modify your files, they can’t because you enable the write protection feature. Thus, no one can modify the contents of your files although they can open them successfully unless you give permission. This is great for preventing your files from being modified and manipulated by other users.

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Latest version of IObit Protected Folder


Adding all the security to your files, folders and programs, it provides a privacy protection function that you can optimize. You will definitely be able to protect your files, data, folders and programs by adding a password to enhance your privacy. This means that no one can do anything to know your privacy unless they know the password.

Safe, secure and free

From the other features we have mentioned above, it is clear that all the features support the great protection. You can not only recover the data safe and secure by using this software, but you can also recover them for free. This means that you can download IObit Protected Folder for free from any browser that you can use as a resource. So, this software is safe, secure and free.


Finally, you can deduce in your mind that IObit Protected Folder is very helpful in providing all the protection to your files, folders and programs. You can block anyone from opening it, prevent your files from being modified, and maintain your privacy. All these actions can be successfully performed by optimizing the functionality of the software, in particular, by adding a password.

Download the latest version of IObit Protected Folder