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Contacam is classified as CCTV software that you can use to keep your video software safe. This software is described as fast, light and versatile to keep your video software safe. The software system is easy to use and the security system is also user-friendly. So you may be able to run even the most moderate system you’ve never used before.


Contacam Features

There are a lot of features offered by Contacam to optimize. Discover them as follows:

Supports all windows

It is very important to check the functionality of the operating system supported by the software. In this case, Contacam supports all widows, from Windows Vista to Windows 10. This is very good because all users with many different operating systems can actually configure the software well on their computer.

Motion detection

The second feature you need to know about this software is motion detection. The motion detection feature includes the actions of sending an email with attached motion files and animated thumbnail events in the web browser. You can also check street demo and home demo which can be included by motion detection. The path of this detection action is that of monitoring on software.

Daily Story Video

The next feature you need to know about Contacam is the daily history video. To create the daily history video, you can create such a live webcam so that you can add your daily live webcam list to the history.

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Contacam audio support

Don’t forget that Contacam also offers audio support. In this case, you can optimize audio support for USB webcams, captured maps and rtsp IP cameras. This is how you can see that this software is very helpful in helping you get the best USB audio webcam.

Embedded web server

Another feature you need to know about is the built-in web server. In this way, you can use the Internet or the intranet to provide you with the possibility of integrating the web server with password protection. This web server integration feature goes a long way in protecting your software using the password you created.

Latest version of Contacam
Latest version of Contacam

Suitable for both beginners and advanced users

Fortunately, Contacam is designed to suit both beginners and advanced users. Those who are still beginners have an easy three-step wizard to check software usage and the time users spend keeping files. Meanwhile, advanced users have plenty of programs and settings you can use to configure Windows.


All in all, Contacam offers really good surveillance as well as webcam solutions for the Windows operating system. Plus the security offered by Contacam on your video software will meet your needs. So, you don’t have to worry if you have this CCTV software on your computer.