Can I Make The Start Menu Full Screen In Windows 11?

The new Windows 11 Start menu is very similar to the Start menu originally developed for Windows 10X. As you may have already noticed, the Windows 11 Start menu replaces live tiles with app icons.

full screen start menu in Windows 11

The Start menu displays a search bar at the top; pinned apps appear just below the search bar. At the bottom, the recommended section shows newly installed apps and recently opened files.

Although the Start menu looks much better than the one in the previous version of Windows, it lacks some functions. One of them is the ability to change its size.

Many users who have upgraded to Windows 11 are now curious if it is possible to make the Start menu full screen like in Windows 11.

Full screen start menu in Windows 11?

The answer is no. For reasons best known to Microsoft, the Windows 11 Start menu does not allow you to resize it. That is, you cannot resize the Start menu in Windows 11. Unlike Windows 10, you cannot drag the borders of the Start menu to resize it as desired.

In early versions of Windows 11, it was possible to restore the Windows 10-style Start menu with a little registry edit, but this is no longer possible. Hence, we can conclude that there is no way to resize the Start menu in Windows 11.

If you don’t like the Windows 11 Start menu, we suggest you switch to Windows 10. As you may already know, Windows 10 will continue to receive updates and will be supported by Microsoft until 2024.