The Best Parts of Microsoft Windows 11

Windows is Microsoft’s primary operating system for desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones Microsoft Windows 11. It powers Microsoft Office and spans games consoles, as well as other devices like web browsers and in-car computers. If you run a business using Windows PCs, chances are you have probably come to know the operating system well over the years. After all, it’s provided software developers with a common base that they can build applications on, which makes it easier for IT departments to manage. But if you’re new to Windows or upgrading from an older version of the software, you might not know what the best parts of it are just yet. Let us take a look at some of the advantages you get by choosing Windows over any alternatives such as macOS (or Apple’s desktop operating system), Linux, or Chrome OS.

Microsoft Offers Free Updates For Life

Microsoft makes it a priority to keep its operating system up-to-date. In fact, the company has a policy of making all its desktop and mobile operating systems (e.g., Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10) free to receive security updates and any other kind of new feature additions for the life of that particular OS version. Now, if you buy a new PC running Windows 7, 8, or 10, you can either run a new version of the OS right away or you can pay a one-time fee to receive a full version of the OS that has all the features you might have missed out on in the new version.

Microsoft Has A Strong Developer Community

One of the best parts of using Windows is the fact that Microsoft offers developers a strong, full-featured programming environment that makes creating apps easier and more efficient than using other systems. From the early days of Windows, Microsoft has had a strong developer community on board to create apps for the OS. As years have passed, this community has only grown, and it now has more than 400,000 apps for Windows. Developers can use the tools provided by Microsoft to make web apps, desktop apps, and even apps for Xbox, HoloLens, and Windows smart devices like HoloLens. If you’re a business that relies on software, you can find apps that let you track workflow, manage your inventory, track expenses, and more. There are also apps that let you manage HR, manage your marketing efforts, and more.

Microsoft Has Always Had One Of The Fastest Operating Systems

Although Apple’s Macs have long been more dominant in the hardware world, Microsoft has been one of the fastest-growing operating systems. While Windows and macOS are based on different architectures, they are both based on the same kernel and many common components. In both the operating systems, the kernel is designed in such a way that it allows both Microsoft and Apple to make optimizations for their applications. While Macs have been better known for their hardware speed, Windows has increased in speed with time. Windows 10 is the fastest Windows OS ever, and it’s better than Mac OS X (10.4.11) by a wide margin. Relatedly, Windows 10 also has the best performance on low-power devices, such as laptops and 2-in-1 devices, compared to macOS and other operating systems Microsoft Windows 11.

Windows Is Easy To Learn And Use

As a modern operating system, Windows is quite easy to learn and use. This is thanks to some of the best and most-used user interfaces across all devices. Windows 10 resembles the design of the upcoming Windows Phone and allows users to easily access their apps and files. The Start menu is classic and brings back the same-as-start-up-menu look that was available in Windows 7 and earlier. The Charms bar allows users to access things like search, notifications, and settings quickly and easily. The Desktop allows users to access files and also includes some of the most-used programs like Microsoft Edge, Windows Photo Viewer, Microsoft Office, Cortana, and more.

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Windows Is Secure By Default

Microsoft has always been committed to making its operating system as secure as possible. Now, in Windows 10, the OS is designed in such a way that it comes with default security settings that make it harder for hackers to steal data from your device. For example, the OS scans all apps before installing them so that it can detect malware. It also includes features that inform users about every app that runs on their device and helps them protect their data and privacy. In addition to this, Windows 10 includes a new feature called Device Guard that allows IT admins to define rules that can be used to control how apps are launched on the device. This helps end-users to protect their devices from threats.

Summing up

Windows is by far the most popular desktop operating system and it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a commercial-grade operating system that is flexible, stable, and reliable. Plus, Microsoft updates its operating system for free for the life of the device. The default security settings on Windows make it more difficult for hackers to access your data, while the ease of use and familiarity of the OS makes it a great choice for new and experienced users alike. Microsoft has been making great strides in improving its OS, and Windows 10 is by far the fastest and most secure Windows version yet.