Remote Link (PC Remote) for Windows 11 PC – Free Download

Remotely control PC like you control TV. Using PC is necessity, entertainment, profession and much more. Even if someone doesn’t have a PC, there comes a time when they should. On the other hand, we have smartphones. Now it can be located in everyone’s pocket. Imagine if we control a PC from a smartphone just like we control the smartphone from a PC. Well, there is no need to imagine because this is reality. If any of you wants to control a computer from a smartphone, he should install Remote Link PC Remote.

How do I use the remote link?

Well, the operation way of Remote Link (PC Remote) is quite simple. The app uses WiFi or Bluetooth technology to connect your smartphone with PC. After the connection is established, your smartphone will play the role of remote and the PC will be the TV.

Remote Link (PC Remote) for PC

The best part is that your remote will be a touch panel. A smooth experience that will allow you to control your PC instantly. The connection medium is strong, it will not be interrupted. Also, the distance limit is good enough that you can also control the computer from another room. All these facilities and Remote Link (PC Remote) make it possible.

Credit goes to ZenUI, ASUS HIT TEAM, thank you for developing this tool.

What can be controlled on a computer using Remote Link?

There are different things on a computer that you can control from your smartphone using Remote Link. You can take the example of Media, Remote Link allows you to control Windows Media Player on a smartphone. Users can play, pause, next, previous, forward, back, and can do much more.

The app is better for presentation. Connect your computer with the projector or LED, control the slides from the phone. Your presentation will be much easier and much better through Remote Link (PC Remote). In Remote Presentation, it allows you to give an elegant presentation. So easy! So professional!

How to download Remote Link (PC Remote) for PC?

Unfortunately, Remote Link (PC Remote) and other Android apps are not officially available for PC. There is some software we say android emulators. This software is designed for PC devices and its purpose is to run Android apps for PC. Now there is quite a variety in Android emulators.

Meesho for PC

To use Android apps like Remote Link (PC Remote) on PC, we need to try credible emulators like blue stacks Y Nox App Player. Both are good, highly reputable android emulator software. By using these android emulators you can download and install Remote Link (PC Remote) for PC, Remote Link (PC Remote) for Windows 7/8/10, Remote Link (PC Remote) for Macbook.

Follow these steps, this is the most accurate and easy way to download Remote Link (PC Remote) for PC.

Step 1) Download the Android emulator

First of all, you have to download BlueStacks on your PC. For this, go to or click the Download button below.

Go to the end of the website. Here you will find the button to download BlueStacks 5 Beta. BlueStacks 5 is the latest version, so we recommend it. Click Download blue stacks 5 button.

Step 2) Install BlueStacks:

After downloading, run the setup.exe file to start the installation. Once it is installed, a screen similar to that of an Android smartphone will appear. From the BlueStacks homepage, look for the Playstore icon.

Step 3) Sign in to your Google account:

Click on Playstore, it will ask for your Google ID first. Enter your existing Google ID and password that you are using an Android smartphone. If you don’t have an ID, make a new one.

Step 4) Install Remote Link (PC Remote) on PC:

After that, go back to Playstore, type Remote Link (PC Remote) and hit enter. The latest interface of BlueStacks 3 will directly show you the remote link (PC Remote) with an install button. Click the install button and wait for it to complete.

That’s it! Now you can experience Remote Link (PC Remote) on PC through this post. We hope you can understand the method easily. If you encounter any complications during installation Remote Link (PC Remote) for PC, you can contact us through the comment box. Or you can contact us directly through our page.