Miracast Free Download for PC (Windows)

Download Miracast for PCHere you can download, install and use this Wifi Display app on your Mac or Windows computer.

Miracast is a technology that allows you to stream your content wirelessly. The WiFi Alliance first launched Miracast in 2012 to create a wireless link between streaming devices.

Miracast for PC
developer the tree team
Size 06MB
Updated 31 January 2024
Version 2.0
Requirements Windows 7, 8 or 10
downloads 10,000,000+
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The Miracast PC app is best defined as “HDMI over WiFi” as it eliminates the need for a cable between the device and the display.

The WiFi Alliance introduced the Miracast certification scheme in late 2012. Miracast-certified users can connect regardless of manufacturer.

Adapters with HDMI or USB connectors are available, allowing devices with built-in Miracast support to connect via Miracast.

Nvidia revealed Miracast support in 2013. Miracast uses WiFi Direct peer-to-peer technology. The Miracast PC app has a 5.1 speaker system and supports 1080p HD video (AAC and AC3 codecs are optional; Linear Pulse Code Modulation required: 2ch 16bit 48kHz required).

Miracast is a wireless protocol similar to USB, Bluetooth, WiFi, and Thunderbolt that allows laptops, tablets, and smartphones to connect wirelessly to displays such as TVs, monitors, and projectors.

Since the connection is established via WPS, it is protected by WPA2. At the Internet layer, IPv4 is used. TCP or UDP are used in the transport layer.

The stream is initiated and controlled at the application layer using RTSP and RTP for data transport.

When streaming via Miracast, make sure your screen is focused on the content you want to share: Miracast PC, as opposed to iOS devices, mirrors (hence the pun in the name), etc.

Your device’s screen displays instead of broadcasting a video stream independent of what’s on the screen.

Download Miracast for PC (Free) → Method 1

Now, to install this Wifi Display app on our PC, we need to use Android emulator because there is no official version available on Windows or Mac Store.

Please follow the step by step process to install Miracast on our Windows computer or PC.

  • First, we need an android emulator, you can use any of its options, but here I am going to use bluestacks.
Search WiFi display app
  • Download the emulator from the official website, install it on your PC and complete the Google login process.
Install Miracast on PC
  • Next, open the Play Store app and search for the Miracast app on PC and select the official app.
Open the WiFi display app
  • Click on the install button and it will automatically start installing this Wifi Display app on your emulator.
Windows Miracast Application
  • Once the app is installed, you can see the Miracast icon on your desktop, click it to launch the app.
Use Miracast on PC
  • The app screen will look like the screenshot below, but may be different if you are using a different version.
Download Miracast for PC

So, this was the first method to download Miracast for a PC. And the installation process will be the same on Mac and Windows.

Now you can use this Wifi Display app on PC and stream all screens to other devices.


Here I have covered some frequently asked questions that can help you download or use Miracast on your PC.

What devices are compatible with Miracast?

You can use this app on phones, tablets, and even PCs to cast your device’s screen to another.

Is Miracast available for PC?

For now, it is not available on Mac, but you can use it on your laptop with the help of an Android emulator.

How do I get Miracast?

For that, you will need this Wifi Display app and you can download it from the Google Play Store for Android devices.

How do I install Miracast on my PC?

For that, you need an Android emulator like LDPlayer on PC and then you can install this Wifi Display app on it.

How do I connect Miracast to my TV?

First, connect your adapter to the TV, switch the input source on the TV, and turn on screen sharing on your phone.

Above are some frequently asked questions and I hope you found them helpful but if you still have any questions about this Wifi Display app then please let me know in the comment box.

Install Miracast on PC (Windows) → Method 2

You may get an error when downloading the Miracast app from the Play Store.

So, here in this method, we will use the apk file of this Wifi Display app and install it on the emulator.

  • The first step is to download, install and open the Android emulator and complete all the other steps.
  • You can skip the Google login process because we are going to use the Miracast apk file to install the app.
  • Next, get an apk file, drag and drop the file to the Android emulator to start the installation.
  • It will start Miracast installation on PC when we install the app on our Android devices.
  • Once installed, you can use this Wifi Display app on PC as we discussed in our previous method.

Here I used the Miracast apk file and installed it on Windows emulator and the installation process will be the same on Mac as well.

Features of Miracast App for PC

Before you download and use this app, check out our features below for more ideas about this Wifi Display app.

  • WI-FI CERTIFIED MiracastTM allows media to be shared seamlessly between Miracast® devices.
  • Even if a Wi-Fi network is not accessible, Miracast will allow users to wirelessly stream multimedia, such as high-resolution photos and high-definition (HD) video material, between Wi-Fi devices.
  • Open the “ACTION CENTER” in the bottom corner of the window. Then click “Project” to see many styles of content projection on external display with Miracast PC app.
  • Then select the “Connect to a wireless display” option to see which Miracast receiving devices are connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Miracast is already supported on most new Windows and Android devices. Tablets, cell phones, PCs, and laptops fall into this category.
  • Windows 10 includes Miracast. Miracast is available on many Android devices running version 4.2 or later.
  • Android 4.2 (KitKat) and Android 5 support Miracast (Lollipop) and even on PC. However, in Android 6 (Marshmallow) and later, Google removed native Miracast support.
  • Chromecast is essential if you want to mirror your screen from the newest Android smartphone or tablet.
  • Screencasting to a Miracast receiver is accomplished by selecting the Miracast option from the dropdown menu and searching the WiFi network for an available receiver.
  • Here in the above information, you have acquired some basics about Miracast PC app and its features.

Make WiFi visible on the phone, as well as the items you want to use it for.

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Now you know how to download Miracast for PC and use it on a Mac or Windows computer with an Android emulator.

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