Intel and AMD Processors NOT Supported by Windows 11 [List]

While Windows has always been known for maximum hardware support, unfortunately with the release of Windows 11 things are going to get considerably limited when it comes to hardware support.

Although there is no lack compatible processors for Windows 11, there is an endless list of processors that Windows 11 does not support. Even systems that can run high-end games smoothly are not eligible for Windows 11 due to limited hardware support.

Generally speaking, if your computer hardware is over 4 years old, it is very unlikely that it will get the Windows 11 Update.

We have prepared a massive list of processors (CPUs) from Intel and AMD that Windows 11 will NOT support. You can crosscheck your computer’s processor with this list to see if it is compatible with Windows 11 or not.

Advice: To check if your processor is on the list, we just use the CTRL + F keyboard shortcut to open the search box in your browser.

List of Intel processors (CPU) not supported by Windows 11

Intel has the largest market share of any supplier of processors for Windows PCs on the market. And unfortunately, a very wide range of its processors are not compatible with Windows 11.

Intel Core Series processors

It’s unfortunate that Microsoft is dropping support for so many capable machines. And given that Windows 11 is indeed a major and much needed update for the platform, it’s all the more appalling for users who couldn’t update to the future of Windows.

However, we believe there will be workarounds and unofficial ways to run Windows 11 on older hardware, all thanks to the huge community of Windows users. Let’s see how it plays out when Microsoft releases Windows 11 later this year.