How To Install ClassDojo App On Your Windows 7, 8, 10 PC

classdojo-for-windows-11Teach and Learn with ClassDojo for PC

Do you often miss your child’s homework just because you can’t remember to mention it? There are so many things that young minds can understand and there is not enough capacity to remember them all at once. One such convenient application to aid communication is ClassDojo.

The application focuses on building a community in the classroom for online communication. This helps remove the usual barrier to return calls or texts when a teacher has to handle a class of multiple students. In addition, it has a safe environment for the teacher to encourage students to participate more in class.

What are the features of ClassDojo?

classdojo app features

• Dojo Points

The application allows the teacher to give Dojo points to individuals with good performance. They can encourage them to work hard and become more involved in class team building activities. This helps in various skill development skills in children.

• Live engagement

Teachers can involve parents in classroom activities by sharing class announcements, videos, and pictures. This ensures that parents see their children act and learn in class. They can also view updates from anywhere and at any time. Also, teachers can IM parents and share comments or any requirements.

• Digital wallets

Students and parents can create a digital portfolio of their class work for easy access in the future. This will help them learn and review as they go. Also, students don’t need to rely on notes and books if they have digital copies stored on their devices. Teachers can also add more notes to help students prepare for tests and learn better.

• Practical tools for teachers

ClassDojo will be useful for teachers, along with its innovative classroom tools. They can form groups with a group creator. There is a noise meter function to monitor all students. The app helps create a positive space for students and teachers to have an open communication channel with parents.

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What are the user reviews on ClassDojo?

Users found ClassDojo extremely useful for establishing two-way communication with teachers. It has a fast and accurate way to help teachers give points to students, and parents can stay on top of what is going on in class. The application has an easy to navigate interface for everyone. Parents liked how they can communicate with the teacher without the need to call or meet with them.

Some users experienced that the application was not responding after login. Usually this works after reinstalling the app. Some users think that the application will be more useful with a search option in the messages. Without the search option, they cannot locate previous important links and messages.

Is ClassDojo free?

The basic mobile version of the application is free. However, if you want to get the premium version of ClassDojo, you will have to pay for it. Also, some parents and teachers don’t want to pay for the premium version. So that prevents them from getting all the features of ClassDojo. This restriction can be bypassed with the already available functions that are immensely useful. Hopefully in the future the premium version may be free or more features are available in the free version.

What are the pros and cons of ClassDojo?

There are more pros than cons to the ClassDojo app, making it essential for parents and teachers.

Pros Cons
√ Motivational for students to study better × Doesn’t help with micromanaging
√ Free basic version for everyone × Some may prefer conventional ways of communicating
√ Easy to set up and learn × Both parties must be active to communicate better
√ Live images and videos
√ Save important class work to digital files
√ Dojo point reward system

How to connect ClassDojo to your PC?

You may be more comfortable studying using a larger screen instead of your mobile phone. To get these great ClassDojo features on your PC, you need to download an Android emulator. It is software that facilitates the operation of mobile applications on your computer.

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We recommend easy to use and install emulators such as BlueStacks App Player and Nox App Player. Here are some instructions for installing ClassDojo along with the emulator.


Step 1: Download the emulator from a legitimate source and let the package install. This may take a few minutes to set up.

Step 2: Now, open the Android emulator icon on your desktop.

Step 3: Login with your Google credentials.

Step 4: Go to the menu and search for Play Store.

Step 5: Type the ClassDojo application and click to install.

Step 6: There you have your study or teaching application, ClassDojo, available on your PC.

Last words

ClassDojo is an incredibly reliable app for teachers, students, and parents to monitor class work and homework. Instant access to teacher and parents makes this application an excellent management tool. This is a boon for busy teachers and working parents.

Also, this app is a great tool to communicate directly with students and their parents. Questions can be asked, problems explained, and reports shared with either party. Parents can feel involved and verify teaching methods and concerns about their children. It is ideal for parents who have more than one child studying to have access to all classroom activities.

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