How To Download And Install Mr.Patrol App For Windows 11 PC

mr-patrol-for-pc-mac-windowsYou may get high-tech locks for your gates and doors, but that may not be enough to keep a close eye on the perimeters of your home. There may be several blind spots that can become weak spots for the security of your home. You cannot keep your eyes on everything to control your surroundings. To do this, you can rely on the Mr. Patrol application that enables DVR monitoring.

The application is designed for easy access to monitor all cameras online. You can install cameras in different places in your home and connect them to the app. The app has awesome features like live view, channel change, and zoom. This makes surveillance an easy task without having to struggle to monitor signals from multiple cameras.

Awesome Mr. Patrol Features

mr-patrol app features

Each user can customize the application according to the needs and security parameters of the location. If you’re wondering how a surveillance app can help you, check out the features and find out how it can benefit your security.

  • Live channel feed

You can scroll through the live stream with the multi-channel view within the app. It has unique viewing channels, four, nine, sixteen, twenty-five, etc., depending on the number of cameras. You can keep an eye on every corner of your interior and exterior with this multi-feed screen.

  • Store files

For your reference, you can store these files and access them from the saved gallery. In addition, you can also export them to other devices or store them in the cloud to save your memory.

  • Snapshots

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You can take snapshots to keep track of important situations to make it more convenient for you.

  • Manage your videos

The application allows easy management with PTZ controls and list management. You can also connect the application with P2P connections, delete and delete settings.

Get Mr. Patrol for your PC (Windows and Mac)

Your mobile phone can serve as an on-the-go solution to using Mr. Patrol; however, you can use Mr. Patrol on your PC and laptop. To use the application on your PC, you need to download Android emulators, such as BlueStacks App Player and Nox App Player, to mimic your phone’s interface. Here are some simple steps to follow to install the application on the PC.


1. Download the emulator mentioned above and install it.

2. After installation and configuration, log in with your Google credentials just like your mobile phones.

3. Now visit Google Play and search for Mr. Patrol.

4. Let the application download and install.

5. The application is ready to use in the same way it appears on your phone.

Final conclusion

Surveillance apps are a convenient way to feel safe under your roof. In a crime and vandalism situation, it can be a record for you. Also, you can monitor your home if you are on vacation. You and your loved ones’ safety can be managed with a trusted app like Mr. Patrol at no additional cost.

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