Hippo Magic for PC (Windows and Mac) – Free Download

hippo-magic-pc installationIt can be a challenge to keep the kids happy and entertained at home. What if you could use technology to tell fascinating stories to children and also help them learn? Hippo Magic is one of those apps that combines groundbreaking storytelling with augmented reality. This brings stories and characters to life in 4D.

The app has a new age concept that won the Parent’s Choice Award in 2018. Parents have appreciated the educational impact of the app. You can get augmented reality books in various genres like animals, shapes, stories, and colors. It is the perfect solution for children to play and learn.

Hippo Magic fun features

screenshots of hippo magic app

Endless playtime

You and your children can enjoy unlimited playtime with games that involve your favorite characters from history. All of these games can be played in real time and are interactive for young minds.

Coloring options

The app has options to choose bright colors and keep you busy for hours. This will help them learn about shapes and colors.

Dance moves

As you know, children love to dance; The app comes with exciting music to keep the kids entertained. Plus, you can participate with them to keep them active and happy.

Click Pictures

The app has functions for clicking pictures and creating funny videos. You can save these moments directly to your phone.

How to use Hippo Magic?

You must be thinking about how the application works to bring augmented reality to your home? You have to point your device’s camera at the Little Hippo logo on the pages of the books. Your phone will do the rest to carry the story in 4D and look realistic.

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Also, you can scan the characters from the books and they will tell you interesting and interactive stories. You need a high-speed Internet connection to keep your children entertained while they learn.

If you are having trouble with the proper functioning of the app, that can be easily fixed. You can download a VPN and connect the device to a viable location.


  • You will enjoy entertaining stories and lifelike characters.
  • Interactive games and activities will be fun for children.
  • You can get different books to have multiple stories.
  • The application is easy to download and use.
  • It also has music and camera options for more fun memories.


  • The application may occasionally freeze.
  • You may experience lag in stories and scan errors.
  • There may be VPN problems in some locations.

How to use Hippo Magic with your PC?

This application can be installed on all Android and iPhone devices. If you want to use it on a PC or laptop, you can download an Android emulator to mimic your phone’s interface.

We suggest BlueStacks App Player and Nox App Player; these emulators can be easily installed. To install the application and the emulator, you must follow certain steps in order. Let us guide you through the instructions.

Hippo Magic application on PC via Nox emulator

Step 1: Install any of the mentioned Android emulators.

Step 2: Open the Android emulator and log in with your Google credentials.

Step 3: Search for Hippo Magic in the Play Store.

Stage 4: Download and install it to enjoy stories and activities.

Last words

Education with entertainment is an effective way for children to learn while having fun. The app has interesting stories that will develop a sense of focus in young brains. Hippo Magic is a fun app to experiment with homeschooling and immerse yourself in the magic of augmented reality.

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Watching stories and interacting with the characters in the story can develop your child’s brain. Live animation will also help them stay tuned and ward off boredom.

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