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If you live in China, you must know Zapya, right? Zapya is one of the peer-to-peer file sharing apps. Although it was initially launched in China and widely used in the Chinese market, the usage of the app has started to spread to neighboring countries like Myanmar, India, and Pakistan. Luckily, this app works on multiple operating systems.


Now you must believe that this application is very useful for the country in which the internet connection is weak or poor. This means that countries will be able to share files through Zapya despite the poor internet connection. Even they can transfer and share the files without internet connection. This way, they only need to create a Wi-Fi hotspot to connect the devices.

Features of Zapya

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First of all, you need to check the specifications of the application before removing it for your computer. In this case, Zapya is free-licensed and developed by DewMobile Inc. There were 22955 downloads registered last month, which means Zapya is attracting more and more users these days.

Ability to create a local network

Knowingly, this application has the ability to create a local network so that you can create a community for you to transfer data including documents, photos, videos and other files. This app only needs to connect devices using the same WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) or AP (Access Point) created by Zapya. This way you can have it on your PC or Android.

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Share quickly with Zapya

Zapya is well known for its ability to quickly share files. You can actually send the files without needing to connect to Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Economy and Security Service

With saving and security service, this application allows you not to spend mobile data. This is very appropriate, especially if you are working in a group.

Any file any size

Using Zapya you can also transfer and share any file and any size. This means that no matter how many files you are going to transfer and their size, you will definitely be able to send them easily.

Latest version of Zapya


Zapya is found to be compatible with native iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and Windows Phone software as well as Windows PC. Make sure you have this app on any type of device to let you transfer the files quickly.

Group sharing features

Other features offered by the app are group sharing features. Group sharing features allow you to transfer any file of any size to a number of people at the same time. Again, this feature supports the app to let you work within the group.


Finally, you can deduce in your mind that Zapya is very good at transferring and sharing files with or without an internet connection. Despite this capability, you can still perform the fastest file transfer and sharing.