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Those who have never heard of Winamp as one of the most popular media players are probably living in cages. If you have a computer, you should be familiar with Winamp. If you have a digital device, you need to know the name. You can enjoy the features and wait for the new stuff and updates in 2019.


Winamp overall good and bad

If you want to enjoy videos and music, this tool is basically included in the essential entertainment tools that you can find easily (and also for free) in every system. Of course, there are great benefits to enjoying it.

For starters, you can take advantage of a wide range of plug-ins available. It will definitely increase your entertainment enjoyment to the highest level. Navigation is also simple and easy – and you will face flawless operation. Moreover, you can also enjoy easy streaming, format conversion and disc burning.

On the negative note, Winamp hasn’t made any updates recently, which is a bug. And the lack of auto-tagging is also a serious drawback, especially in the modern era. If you don’t want to be left behind, you need to enable the tagging feature.

Pleasant Features

This app is basically like a one-stop library for music and entertainment. But it’s more than just a library – it’s your source of entertainment. You can sync collections to a smartphone or mp3 player. You can also stream it easily – sharing music is simple and effortless. Music conversion and ripping is really enjoyable while using this app. There are also built-in features that will enhance the user experience to the highest level.

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Latest version of Winamp
Latest version of Winamp

Updates in 2019

Do you know that Winamp has been around for about 21 years? Pretty cool, huh? Despite rumors that it is not as powerful as other competitors or features are getting lame, the app will be back in 2019 with the best updates and claimed features. This time, the app returns as an audio mobile app that can combine a streaming service, podcasts, and music.

According to a reliable source, the app will keep the signature style but with much improved features and capabilities. Users should be able to enjoy their home mp3 collections, podcasts, playlist and cloud. Not to mention that the application is available for Android and also iOS. Although the Android version is already available, the new one would be better. There will also be the desktop version with the release of the mobile app.

Last word

It should be interesting to see how the service handles the modern era, especially since the last app was deemed obsolete. But with desktop and mobile apps launching soon, there’s always hope that it will be better – as promised. It’s also interesting to see how they will integrate some of the signature styles (which have been incorporated and are part of the operation) with the modern enhancement. Hope all Winamp features will be better, newer and fresher as they promised.