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Among the many chat apps, WhatsApp is more commonly used due to its ease of use. Although Whatsapp is used for mobile phones, nowadays you use this software on your computer. Under the name of Whatsapp web, the software is now mainly used on computers to personalize and optimize functions.

Announced in late January 2015, the software is extended from mobile phone to computer through the web browser mirror. This ability allows you to read the conversation and chat on the mobile phone through the computer.

whatsapp logo
whatsapp logo

Whatsapp Features

The following are the reasons why it makes sense to install WhatsApp on your computer. You can also find the features in the presented explanation.

Simple and reliable text messaging

The first feature that WhatsApp tends to appeal to is simple and reliable text messaging. You can actually text as many as you can to your friends or family. You will have a free charge for text sent as long as you are connected to the internet.

Free-Speak on voice calls and video calls

The second feature of WhatsApp is free speech on voice calls as well as video calls. In this case, you can make a voice call or a video call to anyone in the world for free as long as you still have your internet connection active. Thanks to video calls, you will freely have such a face-to-face conversation, even all day long.

Nice group discussion

It also offers a nice group chat that can be easily organized. Most group chats can be categorized under your old friends, co-workers, family, or certain communities you are involved in. Here you can share your photos, referred links and videos with up to 250+ people at once.

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Easy document sharing

It’s not only great for managing communication, but also for sharing all the documents needed for work. You can certainly share your PDF document as well as other file formats. Thus, this software also plays an important role in your working activities.

End-to-end encryption

Another feature added to this software is end-to-end encryption. Most of your moments that you share on WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted to ensure that your data is safe or well protected.

whatsapp latest version
whatsapp latest version


From time to time, WhatsApp is expanded in features. One of them is the ability to share what’s on your mind, which is called status. If you regularly update your status on Facebook, now you can do it on WhatsApp.

Sharing photos and videos

The last but not the least feature of WhatsApp is photo and video sharing. In addition to this feature, you will be able to instantly share any photo or video. You can even capture a moment with the built-in camera quickly and easily. So, this software is now widely used by everyone in the world.


In conclusion, WhatsApp is one of the most wanted application or software to install now. For best use, it can be installed on the computer so that you can use it to support your document sharing work as well as other needs.