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Do you want to add more security to your USB? You can definitely add USB Secure for sure! As its name, this application has one main purpose which is to protect USB as a portable device which you need to use frequently for data transformation. This application is designed to perfectly protect your USB by setting up a password.

Secure USB
Secure USB

There must be many kinds of data you keep on your USB drive, including your work documents, personal documents, private pictures and other files, right? Meanwhile, not all computers that USB is connected to provide sufficient protection. In this concern, you must remember to protect your USB key with the right USB secure application.

What to know about USB security

What’s more in this app? Check out the following review discussing the features of the app.

USB Security

The first feature you need to check is USB security. Along with this feature, this app provides password protection for USB drives. When you install this app on your USB, you need to set password protection. Therefore, your data will be hidden. All you need to do is enter your password correctly to open the files again without installing the app or having administrator privileges.

Virtual drive option

The second feature you need to know about is the virtual drive option. In this case, you can access your files in two ways. First, you can do this by unlocking the files completely. Meanwhile, the second method is to access files from the virtual drive. Don’t worry about data loss when you remove your USB drive from PC as this feature is supported by plug in and use feature which is quite handy.

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Suitable for all types of discs

The good news about installing USB Secure is that it is suitable for all types of drives. In detail, this application proves the ability to work on FAT/FAT32/NTFS drive types and all USB types as well as external drives. It is also best to describe that this application uses a patent-pending multi-layered technique to secure files safely on all types of disks. So, this app is quite flexible to use.

Latest USB secure version
Latest USB secure version

Lost and found information

The next feature that you can optimize to get the advantage is the information lost and found feature. With this feature, USB secure allows you to create lost and found information. This means that when you lose your portable drives, someone who has found them will contact you via the information you saved on the USB drive. In the case of saving information, you may include your telephone number, address, email account and other personal information where you can be contacted.

Operating system

USB Secure is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP with a size of 1.4 MB. This way, you should know which operating system you are running on just before installing this application.


In conclusion, having a secure computer does not mean that everything is secure. Therefore, you need to add the USB Secure application to protect your USB drive.