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If you value your privacy while browsing or using the internet, you might want to learn more about Ultrasurf. It is an anonymity, security and censorship bypass software. Originally designed for Chinese users looking for a way to maintain their privacy and freedom on the web, the software is becoming a huge thing.

For users who live in uncensored areas or countries, this software helps them to protect IP address and also encrypt communications. It is particularly recommended and also used for public WiFi access and wireless hotspots.


What you need to know about Ultrasurf

The software is somehow connected to Internet Explorer when you launch it. Of course, it will also help you hide the IP address. It may work fine with other browsers, but somehow it still opens explorer when you launch it. If you want to disable it, go to Control Panel and tick the right places.

The basic function is to bypass internet censorship, giving you access to blocked sites. Also, if you want to have more privacy and protect your identity, using Ultrasurf will definitely come in handy. As the IP address would be different, it would be difficult to find a particular user using the software.

Ultrasurf and its mechanism

You don’t have to install anything just to make it work. It is available as a zip file which can be easily downloaded. Just extract it and you’re done! You’re ready. The software can also be copied to a USB key, which can be taken to an Internet cafe. You just need to copy it to the desktop and launch it. Do what you want to do. Once you are done, remove the program using the Proxy software, and no one will be able to find you. It’s pretty simple, right?

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How the system works

When you have already extracted the file, you will find an utmp folder containing temporary files. You need to delete and grind this utmp folder when you delete the folder. It is advisable to use shredders that can permanently delete files if you live in a country where blogging is considered illegal. You don’t want to get caught blogging and reporting anonymously, do you?

Remember that this software does not require any installation – you just have to remember where you unzipped it. If you want to start the program again and again, just find the folder and open it. Of course, you can also create a shortcut for this, if you wish. But if privacy is your primary concern, this software can help.

Latest version of Ultrasurf
Latest version of Ultrasurf

TOR versus Ultrasurf

If you want better security, go with TOR as it will change the IP address permanently. Ultrasurfing, on the other hand, doesn’t change much. It only masks the IP address and that’s it. Some other powerful programs may change the IP address once every few minutes, so if anonymous reporting is illegal or very dangerous, you should go for the safer option. But for privacy and harmless encryption, Ultrasurf is pretty decent.