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You’ve probably seen (or used) UC Browser for your mobile device, but did you know that there’s also a UC Browser for PC? Yes, this browser has got updates and upgrades which are supposed to improve your computer time, browsing ability and also your work efficiency. But what is the difference between the one for PC and the one for mobile? Can we expect good things from the one for PC?

UC Browser for PC
UC Browser for PC

UC Browser for PC: Better Security and Speed

All browsers are secure and protected, but what about basic speed and performance? Is it responsive? Is it reliable? Is it reliable? These are some of the most common questions that are often related to the use and operation of the browser. UC Browser for PC has quite impressive speed as it consumes little data. Navigation is fast and convenient. Not to mention that the browser has its own security system that can automatically block sources of malware. So, before the virus or any threat infiltrate your system, they were repelled by the advanced security system.

Ad-free app

Another thing to like about this browser is the ad-free benefit. Don’t you hate when surfing the net to be disturbed by advertisements? Setting the ad blocking feature is relatively easy and simple. You don’t need to install anything extra on your Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10. And UC is known for its strong ad blocking feature. In fact, its ad blocker is known as one of the strongest features.

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Video entertainment

The entertainment aspect is one of the crucial elements in choosing the right browser. Unfortunately, not all browsers are able to provide smooth streaming capability. Well, that doesn’t apply to this browser. Since the developer is determined to deliver great satisfaction and impressive video (and download) capability, it makes sure that the user is able to operate everything easily. The browser comes with its own video bar to see the type of video you want and then download it. Enjoying videos will be easier these days with the browser.

UC Browser for PC Latest Version
UC Browser for PC Latest Version

General notices and features

Many people who try the browser for the first time claim that UC Browser for PC looks quite similar to Google Chrome. Turns out the browser isn’t built from scratch. The basic framework uses Chromium, the open source framework from Google.

UC Browser is able to combine the basic features of Chrome where users can easily download and then install the extensions – all of them are available from UCWeb ecosystem or Chrome Web. If you are familiar with coding, you should be able to modify it. Be prepared to take advantage of some of the benefits of using the browser, such as easy integration with the mobile version or dual-machine rendering options that cover Chromium Blink and Microsoft Trident.

If you want, you can also change your PC for infinite scrolling, cloud acceleration, personal WiFi, and also pre-mining pages. Ultimately, you can expect an impressive balance of functionality and fun with this UC browser for PC.