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Surfing the Internet and being able to do more is the dream of every web browser user. If you have the same thought, then you must consider Torch Browser. It is one of the web browsers that not only gives you the common things to do but also brings more experience through feature optimization.

torch navigator
torch navigator

One of the most amazing things you can do with this web browser that you might not find in other web browsers is the ability to download video and audio with Media Grabber integration. This way you don’t need the plugin or external program to run the software.

Torch Browser Features

Do you want to know more about this browser now? Move your mouse wheel and check out the notice as follows:

media grabber

As it was briefly stated above, it offers Media Grabber functionality. It allows you to download the videos and audios from the internet with just one click. This way, you don’t need any additional restrictive software, converters or extensions. Using a single button pressing action lets you grab it all. So, as the name suggests, Media Graber lets you grab whatever you want with the browser.

Torch Browser Torrent

The second feature of this browser which is amazing is the torch torrent. This feature is available with the super-fast and easy-to-use tool. The built-in torrent manager takes care of the downloading process so that you have a faster browsing experience.

Torch Browser Latest Version

torch player

The next cool feature you can optimize for is the torch drive. The Torch Player feature allows you to play your favorite videos even if you haven’t finished downloading. The player is brilliantly designed for you to enjoy the ultimate video watching experience.

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torch music

Dealing with the main function of Torch Browser to download videos and audios, the torch music function is here. All types of music can be enjoyed just before the download process is completed. It’s the same thing you can do with the torch drive feature.

torch games

Another feature you need to grab fast and optimize fast is torch games. There are tons of free games you can play without needing to load or download. All games you can enjoy this feature for fun. If you are a game lover then it will not be a bad idea to have Torch browser and optimize torch games.

Torch lift

What else can you do with this web browser? The torch facelift is in the list. This feature allows you to design your Facebook by selecting the themes and creating it yourself creatively. Later flaunt and show your creativity to your friends and tell them that you just use the amazing torch facelift offered by Torch Browser.


In conclusion, Torch Browser is big enough for you to surf the internet either for fun or to download the most wanted videos and audios. This web browser is highly recommended, especially if you spend most of your time surfing the Internet.