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When it comes to making a fantastic video call, you have to remember to find the most suitable app which is SplitCam. If you only know a little about it, let’s define now and check more information about it. Fortunately, this page is the reliable source of information.


SplitCam is the downloaded application which is based on Windows and serves you an efficient communication utility. This app has a lot to offer, including cool webcam effects so you can have fun and interactive communication with your family and friends. It is also considered as one of the easy to use apps in which site integration and messengers are simplified.

Features of SplitCam

What else? Check out the following app features:

Built-in webcam

SplitCam usually integrates a webcam supported by the Internet connection. In this case, most modern laptops are built into the webcam. It still allows you to make video calls from your laptop or computer whenever you want. One thing to remember is that you must stay connected to the internet in order to activate the webcam.

Unusual video calls

If you frequently use video calls and find it boring, you can try SplitCam where you add more vivid emotions such as cartoon, home video and YouTube video. This app won’t let you limit your imagination since you can do more than a webcam. In this way, you are enriched with the ability to send video file, create autoresponder and do online activities on video sites. Surprisingly, you can also create a playlist. This is why SplitCam is considered to offer unusual video calls.

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SplitCam Effects

Do you know what is the most interesting feature offered by SplitCam for you? response effects. SplitCam effects are said to be the most excellent for creating cool video calls and video chats. Apply the effects regardless of the video source you have chosen. This way you can choose more than one effect to apply at the same time. As a result, you are able to create an amazing combination of effects during your video calls.

SplitCam Latest Version

Zoom function

The next feature you need to check out is the zoom feature. In general, most webcams that ship with standard features do not offer zoom capability. However, SplitCam has the capability. The app developer knew that sometimes we needed to zoom in or out on part of the webcam video and return to normal size. To perform the zoom function, you just need to move the mouse or the keyboard + or – keys. Later, you can zoom in or zoom out as you wish.

Video recording

Another feature you can check out is video recording. Although SplitCam is not good enough for video recording, however, you can have simple video recording much better and faster.


All in all, you can install SplitCam as one of the recommended apps for video calling and creating videos. You will find your video calls more interesting and exciting as well as full emotions. So don’t miss it.

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