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What is the carry kit? Well, it is software that works to port Windows games so that you can play the games on your Mac without using Windows. Using Porting Kit sounds cool, however, you also need some cool information, which you can get from this page.

Carrying kit
Carrying kit

Based on the understanding of software engineering, porting is the process of adapting software to achieve some form of different computing environment. In this case, the computer environment is different from that which is already available in the program. It was designed for different processors, operating systems, or third-party libraries you might have.

You can also use this software to enable the use of the software which has been modified for the different environment.

What you need to know about the porting kit

Refer to the following review to learn more about the porting kit.

Ability to create ports

The first feature you should know about Porting Kit is the ability to create ports. In this case, this software uses Wineskin wrappers to create the ports. To this end, the Wineskin primarily uses wine at free open-source code.

Combined with Wineskin, Porting Kit will fill your favorite games on your Mac. You will be able to update new games or fix your games that are not working well by updating the code with more features for older versions. This case allows the porting kit ports to work better.

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Ability to integrate Windows applications

The next thing you need to know is that this software is capable of integrating Windows applications. This is because Porting Kit with the use of Wine is able to directly translate Windows API calls into POSIX calls. This allows Wine to eliminate memory and performance penalties for other methods. As a result, you can embed the Windows application into the desktop. Simply, it can be inferred that Porting Kit is not a Windows emulator but allows you to run Windows software on your Mac.

Automatic file download

Featuring automatic file download, it will automatically download the file without involving you. It means you don’t need to search and find the files to download at certain period of time because there will be automatic download on the files.

Benefits of the carry kit
Benefits of the carry kit

Implementing screen capture to create gameplay videos

If you want to create a video from your favorite games then you can achieve that because this software provides such a feature that allows you to do so. You can optimize the screenshot option to create the videos to get another excitement.


Now that you know more about this software, you can conclude that this software is very important to have, especially if you are a game lover who wants to play the games on Mac without having to install Windows.

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