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Do you know what MacBooster is? Does this seem strange to you? If you are Mac users, the term must no longer be uncommon. MacBooster is a tool designed as a maintenance tool for Mac OS X. In recent years, this tool aimed to optimize anti-malware and protection for Apple products. Nowadays, this tool deals with software protection or security software.


The main function of this tool that you must know is the program which aims to help you enjoy a faster and more secure Mac through the protection of the device against malware and viruses. So, if you are a Mac user, having this tool on your Mac seems essential.

MacBooster Features

To further assure you about the smooth working of the tool, here we have selected some features of the tool that you must check.

Security and optimization

Designed as one of the Mac antivirus, MacBooster is enriched with the capabilities to identify, block and remove 17 types of junk files, including malware and viruses, system cache, system logs and junk files from apps. Another great feature of this feature is the ability to protect privacy by deleting data that you have derived from the internet.

Protection against viruses and malware

It has been stated that the main function of MacBooster is virus and malware protection. It is extremely true. Mac, in this case, offers a feature to clean the device if there is any unnecessary file or program. This is because junk files may contain a virus or malware that can damage your Mac.

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Boost performance

The next feature you can optimize for is the ability to increase performance. In this way, improving the performance of the device can be successfully achieved by optimizing the extension manager, performance booster and startup optimization.

The extension manager displays the list of third-party extension installations and displays the removal of the extension directly from the program. The performance booster serves to clean up the Mac OS X and offers optimization towards the application. Meanwhile, startup optimization is designed to manage the launch of certain apps and items that are performed together. In other words, you can start the process well if you disable certain apps and items.


The next feature you need to check out on MacBooster is the Uninstaller. In this way, this tool will allow you to use the panel that visualizes the program installed on your device. Thus, you can uninstall multiple apps at the same time.

Latest version of MacBooster
Latest version of MacBooster

System junk

Finally, also check out the system junk mail feature. When you frequently use your device, more junk files are created. Junk files influence not only space but also computer performance. Thus, the system spam function will play the role of scanning the devices and cleaning the entries.


All in all, installing MacBooster is a must if you are a Mac user. With the powerful features, this tool will help you keep your Mac well supported, especially the virus and malware protection feature.

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