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JetAudio is a kind of application or software designed as a shareware media player. This is particularly intended for Microsoft Windows as well as Android with the offering of advanced playback options.

Originally released in 1997, twenty-two years ago, JetAudio runs on Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS. This app is available in eleven languages ​​for you to understand and use the app.


JetAudio Key Features

As a shareware media player, this application has a lot to offer. Check them out at the bottom of the page for more on that.

Supported file format

With file format support, this app really supports all major video and audio file formats. These include MP3, AAC, FLAC and Ogg Vorbis available for audio. Meanwhile, for video, support includes H.264, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, MPEG-1, WMV, and Ogg Theora. Additionally, this app also supports some less common “audiophile” formats you might have, such as Monkey’s Audio, Musepack, Wavpack, and True Audio. Now, if you have some of these formats, don’t worry about using JetAudio.

Sound effects and improvements

There are lots of built-in sound effects featured by this app. Some of them are X-Bass and X-Surround, Wide, Reverb, Time Scratching, Pitch Change, BBE and BBE ViVA, equalizer filter and a variety of uncommon special effects such as Flange, Reverse Flange , robot 2, etc. .

These sound effect options will allow you to maximize the use of the app.

Music visualization

The second feature that you can find on JetAudio is music visualization. This app definitely offers an option to display the visualization in an animated manner which is synchronized with the music. There are three music visualization plug-ins. These are PixelTrip, Space and Synesthesia.

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Lyrical support

The other amazing feature of JetAudio is the ability to display lyrics in sync or out of sync with the music in different ways. There is a Lyric Viewer window to display the lyrics. You can try this just by pressing the “Show Lyrics” button located on the timer module in the main window.

The lyric tag format used in this app is proprietary to Cowon.

Latest version of JetAudio
Latest version of JetAudio

Easy to use

It is also considered easy to use. if you want to attach a voice file to your client mail, you can attach it automatically. All you have to do is just click the “record” button and speak your voice to form a voice message. Click on the “stop” button to stop your voice message. Then you just have to press the “send” button.

Availability of certain models

If you want to have an authoring template, you can really optimize this feature as there are some templates available. You can either create your own template or merge the image with the available template. In this case, you can choose your image for the template from the “Templates” folder.


Overall, it can be among the recommended software to complement your computer programming. These six basic features of the app will surely make you think of the app named JetAudio.

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